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5 Easy Ways to Follow Organic Lifestyle

I had never heard this word “Organic” ten years ago. Honestly, this was totally out of the dictionary back then. Our childhood was safe in terms of chemical-laden food or other commodities. But things have changed now and achieving an Organic life has become a topmost priority to most of us. Of course, no one wants to take an unwanted risk with their health which is deteriorating against development. And it’s quite common to see people in metro cities are going gaga over Organic food, or chemical-free life.

Well, we can’t deny the very existence of rapid urbanisation and the mass production of everything we consume. The chemicals, hybrid etc, is inevitable and seems to be only possible resource by which supply can meet demand. Results are well-known to us and how our health is suffering. So, how can we make sure we follow a lifestyle where we can cut some of the toxic chemicals which are seeping into our life?

1. Reduce Plastic Use: I don’t need to mention that plastic has already played havoc in our life. The non-biodegradable product affects human health, and how toxic chemicals leach out of plastic to us. There are many states where plastic is banned but not to the extent to zero usage It’s still a part of our daily lives and being oblivious to the after effects, we are consuming it. So, what should we do? Limit plastic use or stop if possible. Switch to stainless steel or glass. Same goes with storing food and carrying cloth bags while we shop.

2 Eat Local: Imported Superfoods was never a part of our daily intake. In fact, never heard of those names before. But can really bring a healthy change in us and making our life healthier? The famous nutritionist of our country endorses about local food and why we shouldn’t fall prey to those products which we never had in our life(of course, you can taste it). The one which is grown close to you locally can benefit you the most. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are less laden with chemicals so don’t miss them in every season!

3. Limit Junk Food: Like we do need a break from our routine and we always look for peace to regenerate our energy, our digestive system also requires one. Too much of junk or processed food will ultimately ruin your gut and can make it weaker. Try to balance it and not to bring it in your routine. Dry snacks like Nuts, Makhana can surely supplement for your quick hunger pangs.

4. The Art Of Conventional Cooking– Our older generation hardly had any health issues. There were one of the fittest, even after ageing. Not to mention, here conventional kitchen plays a role. Usage of the iron vessel to get that extra iron, slow heat cooking to keep the nutrition value intact and zero usage of plastic or aluminium. It’s important to know how we are cooking our food; do we really need to bring some changes to our kitchen? The conventional cooking? Please think again!

5. A Little Investment In Organic Food: Investing in organic food is a good option. There is no dearth of organic food available in the market. I too buy it sometimes, and as I said I do care about the amount of toxic I take unknowingly. So, when I have an option to cut down it little, I won’t turn back.

While exploring the organic range of products available, Farmveda is one of the high-quality suppliers of ready mixes and ready to eat food, without any preservatives. I’ve tried and found them worth investing and considering the health parameter. Not only that, they are the social enterprise where all profits of the organisations to farmers directly. The famous ones are Ragi Idli, Ragi Dosa, multi millet dosa mixes which are being recognised by individual customers, celebrities and corporates.

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