5 Empowering Picture Books From Katha-Review

How much we talk about technology, there is nothing which can replace books. Especially for young children. Reading a book is far better than unlimited screen time. The book helps to develop early literacy, sparks imagination and creativity. Not only this but it also helps to develop a child’s brain, social and communication skills. When the child is too young and can’t read or read very limited picture books help a lot. The limited text and attractive pictures in these books keep them hooked and makes reading interesting.

Here is the short review of 5 empowering picture books by Katha!

Flying High BY Geeta Dharmarajan

Flying High!

Who doesn’t know Sunitha Williams! An American Astronaut of Indo-Slovenian descent. Also, she was the second American astronaut of Indian Heritage to go to space. This Picture book talks about her story in short and fresh words. The real pictures used in this book makes it more interesting for the readers.  A book with the Inspiration!

Recommended Age: 3- 6 Years

Sera Learns to fly By Vinitha

Sera is an ant and she had a dream to fly. But how? Is it possible for an ant to fly? Or she was daydreaming? The story revolves around an ant who was determined to fly and how she made it possible. The book has very attractive and beautiful pictures done by Nirzara Verulkar and the glossy finish makes it more magnetic.

Recommended Age-3-6 years

The Famous Smile by Geeta Dharmarajan 


The story is all about Agar magar, a crocodile with the shiniest & sparkling teeth. He is always wary of compliments about his teeth. But he hardly got any which takes him to another place and then something happened there unexpected. This book is one of the prize winners for outstanding creativity in Chitrakala Awards 2006. The illustrations ( by Rashin Kheiriyeh) are as creative and funny for the younger children.

Recommended Age- 3-6 years

ChoooMantar By Geeta Dharmarajan


Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao is one of the slogans which are taking rounds. And why not? When we talk about gender equality and educating our girls then there is no question of marrying them early. The book raises a valid question,” why not education than marrying?” What happens when a village allows their daughters to follow their dream, to educate, to empower them? Answers are all here. Through this book, even a young child can understand why educating girls is important. Again the artwork with the perfect blend of colours makes it more attractive.

Recommended Age- 3-7 years or anyone

Lachmi’s War By Geeta Dharmarajan

‘Lachmi’s War

Don’t educate girls, marry them early, they must learn cooking, they belong to another house are common evils of our society. We can surely have a better society if we win our own battle of mindset. This book only talks about fighting against these words and bringing a better educated, empowered generation of girls. The protagonist Lachmi fought against Tobakachi (evil) and helped her village to think about educating their girls. Creative artwork by Shashi Setty is an added feature.

Recommended Age: Age 3-7 years

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