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5 Ways To Make Learning A Fun!

The only thing a master can teach is how to learn about yourself. There are no secrets. They are only techniques to waken yourself-Alejandro Jodorowsky

As a mother of two kids, I do agree with this quote to all extent.  A learning with an equal amount of fun & technique is always everlasting. Certainly, there are ways by which you can make learning a fun-filled experience. Children are always ready to learn in the easiest manner where they involve themselves as a part of learning.

Not to mention, a mother is always a first-teacher to their kids during their entire journey of learning. Apparently, a parent has to play so many roles at one time & catering multiple needs. I must say, teaching or helping them to study is one of the most challenging jobs. There is a chance when you fail miserably. The so-called generation gap or the steady developments in the teaching world.

Teaching as a profession and teaching as a mother is an entirely different thing. For children, the teacher is always right, and mother is always on hold. Then, how can we make it enjoyable to them?

Over the years I found few ways by which I ‘ve made teaching a fun for them.Learning with fun is a must should not be limited to theoretical knowledge. Still, there are ways by which we can improve the learning in their initial formative years.

1. Communicate frequently: Well, a smooth & regular communication is the first key to connect. It’s equally important with your children else you might miss the connect later. Sometimes it becomes difficult to teach them occasionally. A good rapport and a regular connect with them can help you to teach things with fewer arguments.

2. Teaching through Audio-Visual: Theoretical knowledge has less recall value than audio-visual. Children do understand better if they watch it in the form of a story. Try to show them educative videos so that they can get more exposure to the related topic.

3. Introduce a variety of books: Limiting them to set curriculum could be a hindrance to their creativity. They might want to know more than what is being taught as per the curriculum standards. A variety of books on science or math will always be an added advantage to their knowledge. Let them explore more books.

4. Routine: A set routine is very important to hone skills. Children must have some set time to read or write. We can introduce anything apart from the regular studies. Like a fiction novel, short stories, facts about science etc depending upon the personal interest of the child

5. Introduce Innovative worksheet: My kids enjoy innovative worksheets they get in school. These worksheets are very appealing and a valuable addition to their skills. It happened many times when I’d failed to make worksheets for my kids. After all, I am not an expert in that field. So, to keep their spark alive I started looking for some educative websites where I can get some worksheets as per the age and interest. Then, I stumbled upon which fosters digital resources, tools, and learning materials. All these online material is developed by educational experts to incorporate leading pedagogical practices. They are useful in any type of teaching moment and many can be used to support national education standards. I found this very helpful, creative & attractive in all manner! You can surely give a try!

Happy Learning!

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