5 Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Child Without Mobile Phone

Parenting is a big task! You really need a village to raise a child. The only difference in todays time is that you are the only village and you really need to put your best to see the best or the better.

Often, we see very young children get addicted to mobile which is very harmful to them. The early exposure if not limited can damage a lot of unexpected things. On the contrary, this is the habit which has been passed on them through us. Might be we are unable to pay attention when they really need us. Or the undivided attention which they are seeking from us? Are we really giving them quality time which should be 100%?

I suspect if we all can pass through these questions. The work load, FOMO (fear of missing out) and the mundane life which is so dependent on mobile. From morning alarm, booking a cab, ordering milk, navigating routes, emails, what’s app and social media. What all? The day is still live for 24 hours and accommodating so many things in limited time is challenging. So, how to manage? How to get that 25th hour?

Well, that’s not possible, we need to re-work and steal that few minutes to make it more impactful and fulfilling. Here they are

  1. Gadget-free hour: With busy lives, we hardly share our time together. So, it’s important that when we are at home, we spend quality time with each other and make sure that usage of mobile should be sidelined that hour. Emergencies are always be considered exceptional and can be attended on phone calls which are anyway rare. Otherwise, it can surely be missed!
  2. No mobile phone on the dining table rule- It’s important for a family to have at least one meal together. Mornings are busy, and the mismatch of schedules make it difficult to share the table. Eating together without any digital distraction will help you to improve in quality time together. It’s a good time to bond and hear the days stories and enjoy them.
  3. A walk in Nature: Well, Nature has its own ways to heal, connect and refresh. Let your children spend some time in free play and in an open park. It’s important for you to accompany them and playing with them to be closer to nature. A routine or even a few minutes out of your busy routine can help the child to bond better.
  4. Read books: Reading books to children accelerate their mental and emotional development. A good reading habit can be developed in the early years of childhood or as early as possible. Maintaining a good bedtime storied routine can help you a digital detox and obviously a better bonding with the child.
  5. Set an example: Most of the parenting skills are developed by demonstrating it and it starts from the family within. If we really want to have good communication with the children, we really need to set an example by giving them 100% attention when we are together. Divided attention between your child and a mobile phone can affect the understanding from both the end.

Ultimately, each parenting is different. How much digitally developed we are, we should always maintain the right balance between exposing these to our kids. Technology should ease us and not hovering our family life.

Have a happy parenting!

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