A Dream Home-That’s All We Want!

It was quite some time back when we got our home renovated. The very basic interior with the wardrobes and some minor changes in the kitchen. It took more than two months and endless calls to the carpenter. Even though we haven’t visited the place much but that was quite hectic. The amount of energy we had wasted to get the work done was the most annoying. It’s not all about the specific carpenter who had offered a huge discount, or someone well-known to us, but we just wanted to get the things done without any further delays. A compromise on customisation and aesthetics was quite inevitable!

The perfect dream house is everyone’s project. Either you have a studio apartment or a luxurious villa the only thing we desire is- comfort, peace and the aura of soothing vibes. Getting a curated and timeless interior for your dream home is an art. Just like an artist who paints his canvas with the most beautiful colours and putting his soul to the work. Not to mention, doing up a place is just not everyone’s cup of tea.

On a personal note, I know few close friends who are not experts in Interiors, but they know how to strike the balance between Minimalist and Aesthetics. With the current trend of lifestyle where everyone wants to have the right kind of furniture and fitting or I can use the term Customised home Interiors, service providers are evolving with the considerable pace. The perks of hiring one are incredible! Apart from finding the right solution to your dream project it also saves a lot of time. And the professional approach of making out best from the available resource is exceptional.

Secondly, being surrounded by the sedentary lifestyle and stressful work, the home is the only place where you can unwind yourself. You can evolve as your own, can use your energy to relax or whatever way you want to be like. The conventional structure of interiors is limited to TV, showcase or standard wardrobes which might fail to serve many. What if the person needs a library or a comfortable work space at home? Or a space crunch won’t let you explore sufficiently?

Yeah, it can be done and here is how the professionals interior designers in bangalore help you.

It’s time for turning your home to a Dream Home and hiring an Interior Designer is as easy as you think of!

So, how do they help?

1.       Understanding your need: One particular need can never have a standard solution. As the individual need varies from being single to families, interior designer professionals help you to navigate through your search. Albeit they can also guide you to choose best as per space and budget available. It’s equally important to implement your need with innovative ideas to get the best!

2.       Expert advice: Like we need a specialist to diagnose our health, we also need some experts who can get the best design as per our need and available space. Limited space might not let your imaginations flow freely, but the best utilisation can bring wonders. What If say a sofa can be turned into bed without taking much space? Isn’t it cool? Or you have cabinets which can be turned into shelves at times? That’s quite possible! But yes, we do need an expert.

3.       Professional approach to undertake assignments: While you decide on the interiors for your dream home there is quite a possibility that the carpenter you hired through someone, might be unprofessional in terms of conveying the right message or delivering on time. This is where you need professionals who can always keep a tab on every development that happens in your dream home. The weekly reports and the comfort of calling them at any point of time is much satisfying.

4.       Everything is documented: Duplicate bills or some random goof-up is the common approach for local carpenters and certainly, we cannot control it. Secondly, we believe in them and the kind of material they use for interiors. Obviously, how can every person have a fair idea on every available material? But the professional team does have knowledge about existing and new innovations. They help you to understand the quality and the warranty of every material. They also guide you to get the best as per your budget and the durability.

5.       Quality assurance:  In today’s time it’s quite a contradictory statement to vouch for quality. Yes, there are many who do but how long can the services support them? Hiring an Home interior designer in bangalore a team like Design Cafe also ensures that the work they do should last long without any complaint. The support service which you won’t find anywhere is always available on call.

6.       On-time delivery: Aah! The most important aspect. On-time delivery which is at times crucial. Either a heavy rent is taxing your pocket, or the school admissions take a toll. On time delivery is everyone’s priority. The local carpenters would never disappoint you by giving his unrealistic approach until his helpers bring reality. Honestly, until you have the patience to call him 100 times a day or make him sit in front of you, you can never achieve your target. Solution? The interior designer professionals!

7.       Trust and customer service: Everyone knows that good work speaks volume. You don’t really need to endorse your product as happy and satisfied users do it diligently. And this is what happens when you choose a trustworthy team for your interiors. They know how to carve beautiful homes which are once in a lifetime and giving the best is the only motto. The more satisfied and happy customers, the more trust you get!

Having been to Design Cafe and knowing the care and effort they take in every aspect, from design to layout, furniture to the color of accessories and bringing people into those designs, it opened my eyes to how little details matter in making a home that is an extension of me.

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