Random Thoughts

Love – A Different Definition To All!

What’s so special about love? Is it equally exciting for the married people like me? Families, who are busy with their daily routine or chores? Or only dating couples can feel the warmth? I have no answer at this moment. Maybe I am a little old fashioned or from the old school. But falling in… Read More Love – A Different Definition To All!

Random Thoughts

When The Power-Cut Plays A Savior!

There is always a close connection between Summers and power-cut. So, whenever I read news about N0 power-cuts, I assume just opposite and relax! Likewise, it goes with the weather forecast. We all know, how suddenly sunny day become the wettest and the vice versa! But the fact is we cannot imagine our life without… Read More When The Power-Cut Plays A Savior!

Being A Woman, Random Thoughts

What I Expect On My Birthday?

And at this point of time when I am at the threshold of touching 40 years of my life, I am finding it much different from earlier. With an average life of 70 years, I have already crossed more than 50% (even its more than enough). I heard people saying 40 is new 20 and… Read More What I Expect On My Birthday?

Parenting, Random Thoughts

The Art Of Gifting!

Selecting gifts for children is no child’s play! Being a mother of two, I can imagine the war of thoughts which can run into your mind. Even for own children, it’s not an easy task to select a surprise gift. Incomplete information and selecting any random gift from the most demanding brand can sometimes leave… Read More The Art Of Gifting!