Complete Guide To Yoga For Beginners

The Pandemic has changed our perspective as to how we see things now. Believe it or not, in the last 18 months, everything has come to a halt. Our lifestyle has changed. The working modules have transformed and so have our fitness goals. We have learned how to confine ourselves within four walls and have tried the best way to adopt minimalism. Pandemic has shown us a pause button to fast-moving life and has helped us reflect more on ourselves. And we all know how we had strived hard to bring that balance of physical and mental health by eating healthy and staying fit in a limited space. But, on the other side, this lockdown has pushed millions to get fitter. Fitness goals were real, and so the passionate yoga lovers. Millions of people have searched videos for yoga for beginners to learn some basic techniques to keep them fit inside four walls. And many others prefer to hire yoga trainers who can teach them the basic methods of stretching through online classes to help them cope with physical and mental well-being.

Yoga is not a new concept in Indian families. We had been following it for years. Our grandfather and their ancestors had genuinely followed those trends when they had to maintain their fitness regime. The best part of yoga is that you don’t need to depend on the set environment. And indeed, you don’t need dependency on machines. Also, yoga is not a time-bound sort of fitness. One can pick any time of the day to practice it, irrespective of location or weather. Teaching yoga to beginners is not a challenging task, but you need precision to guide them step by step. Learning comes with practice, but yoga does require patience and consistency!

Yoga for beginners might bring a lot of changes to your lifestyle. However, few might see the instant changes within a week or, it may take some time to get better each day. Fitness freak people had suffered a lot during the lockdown. Runners, cyclists, sportsperson and those who love to walk early morning or late evening used to sit at home doing nothing. It wasn’t easy to restrict a mundane movement.  On the contrary, not everyone can afford to invest in expensive gym equipment, other than the space challenge one may get. 

We all know fitness is essential irrespective of profession, age or gender. A fitter person is way more productive than anyone else. Ask any fitness enthusiast how it feels to miss a daily workout? You’d perhaps know the answer. Those few minutes of exercise feed your body and brain with so much freshness and happy hormones.

But Yoga has changed the whole perspective towards fitness. People who were opposed to learning yoga realized it could be practised much easily. Yoga for beginners can be easy going to start with. And anyone at any age can start it, ultimately helping themselves to get fitter.

Yoga is for everyone. It enables you to increase flexibility, strength and stability in your body and to relax your mind.

So, how to begin their journey and how yoga for beginners can be guided through online classes?

First of all, you need to be comfortable. Yoga for beginners has to begin with comfort and wearing loose-fitting clothes. It doesn’t mean you can’t use your fitness bodysuit. As yoga is more about connecting mind and body, one needs to be patient and relaxed to learn it. A yoga mat is the only equipment you need to begin with. It would help you to maintain a grip over yourself to avoid slips. Also, spreading the yoga mat at the most comfortable place would automatically tune you to perform and follow the instructions. Thus, giving you a feel of workout space where you can unwind yourself. Of course, you always have an option to spread it on your terrace or open garden where you can have direct sunlight and fresh air. There is no restriction on space when it comes to yoga. And this is the best part of learning yoga for beginners.

Strengthening with yoga comes with time. Any fitness activity takes its course of time to get some results. And expecting quick results from yoga is unrealistic. However, it does take time, and you need to have some consistency to attain that level.

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