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Different Kind Of People I Meet On Social Media

Social Media is a funny place. I’ve seen people seek solace here. Validation. There is nothing wrong with awareness, information posts, birthday pictures, opinions and celebrations. At times, it feels good. Food for thought. But how much? Wishing someone on SM who is sitting next to you? Why broadcast when you can feel it personally? Most of the time I take it as an illusion. This is how I take SM in my personal life. It was Orkut that made us believe how we can connect with remote friends. By sharing your thoughts and pictures. It was all good when technology was in limited hands. But then there was a surge. The flood of Social media channels and the exposure to every class. The easy and affordable access made it more popular. Friends became virtual friends and the real world took a back seat. Instagram showed us how you can always look beautiful with added filters. You can never age and here the God fails. The shine of social media has reached all of us. We began looking for validations and approvals from the unknown crowds. We searched for peace of mind and aiming for camaoflage, ultimately affecting our mental health.

And then there are people who reach out to you through these SM ( Social Media) channels. They share their personal stories with you without knowing who you actually are? Believing the person through profile pic has reached another height. They find it beautiful like an untouched fantasy. I’m amazed to see how much we are interested in someone else’s life. If this wouldn’t be the scenario then SM would have failed long back. We, human beings, like peeping into others personal lives or showing our personal lives to others. Broadcasting our private family affairs and making it public. Should I assume they were looking for some kind of validation until it’s a big event?

I’m not saying that I resist posting pictures on SM or don’t like anyone doing it. Everyone has the right to do whatever they like but is this the ultimate goal? don’t you think it’s creating unnecessary insecurity in those who are devoid of such luxuries and can go to any extent to reach up to that level? There is a difference between capturing a moment and creating a moment forcefully. FOMO ( fear of missing out) . But I like JOMO ( Joy of missing out). You don’t need to capture every moment. They are to be felt and stays forever in your heart.

Still, there are many unanswered questions in my mind. If I have to conclude my take then I’m amused to see how different types of people reach out to you. No, they aren’t impressed with your work. They haven’t seen it. Neither they are actually interested in your work. What they seek is your profile pic and then how much time you can invest in messaging. Few might take free consultancy about blog websites and few want forceful follow back. When did I say you follow me, I’ll follow you back? Kamaal hain.

And there is another lot constantly wishing you Good morning and Good night. To hell with this yaar. I do not wish this to my own children and you ask me to reply to these funny takes. C‘mon kuch to izzat rakho21st century kee.

Don’t forget the special ones. Quite serious and elite types. They have their own inhibitions and I should be thankful to them for their unwanted messages. If I don’t reply I should be answerable to them. Weird!

I don’t know what’s in their mind and why do people seek some kind of assurance from unknown people. The people on social media whom you don’t know at all. They fall in love every day. They can be the real trouble makers in your life even if you’re happily living your life. Believe me.

Honestly, we cant cut social media. And cant go totally against using it but where to draw a line is something to think and implement. I don’t want anyone breaking that line forcing his/her opinions on me. Even I don’t do. If I have a different opinion then accept or unfollow. Or even block. But respect the other person’s privacy and don’t BULLY.

Everyone has one life to enjoy and not everyone needs validation from unknown people. Better we accept that God has created everyone beautiful and few are a little more blessed. In this world of unlimited filters, I doubt whom you call beautiful? Preaching about beauty standards by saying beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder is another gimmick someone would fall for it.

Think about it!

I have clarity of my mind and the last thing I do is to BLOCK such people. Otherwise, no one is compelled and obliged in this virtual world!

Take your own responsibility before someone else’s.

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