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Do You Dread Using Public Toilets While You Are Out?

I love travelling and we as a family make sure that we travel to most of the places. In all these years we have covered most of the places by self-driven car. Travelling by car is a luxury!  You can halt at any point of time, relaxing or to gorge on local food with an added scenic beauty midway. Not to mention, the amount of luggage we carry in car…You can actually stuff anything.

But there is one thing which has been always a challenge for me. Clean and hygienic toilets which are a rare scene and you really need to struggle with it. Getting infections from the dirty toilet is a common fear. One can be vulnerable to UTI ( urinary tract infections) and other skin infections. It so happens when you try to avoid washrooms just because they are dirty can put your health at risk. So what to do while you travel and public toilets are the only resource?


I am a hygiene freak and so even my kids. That’s why I always hunt for Indian style toilets in public places. Perhaps, there are fewer chances to get a skin infection. Recently, I found the solution to fix it.

PeeSafe( Toilet seat sanitizer) is an instant toilet seat spray to disinfect the deadly germs, bacteria on toilet seats, toilet tops, flush, doorknobs, faucets etc.

PeeSafe comes in a very handy and compact bottle, takes less space, can be even kept in a small sling bag.

How to use: Shake well, Spray from the distance of 25cm, Wait for 10 seconds and you are done.

It also deodorises the stingy smell of toilet.

Must for frequent travellers to keep their hygiene habits intact.

It is ideal to be used at home and office too. As it is important to make it a daily hygiene habit. 

Pee Safe spray is available in your own choice of fragrance as there are three choices – Mint, Lavender & Floral

Well, I found the way out and my recent travel to Chennai was much better where I didn’t struggle much to find out the germ-free toilet. I had Pee-safe and it worked out well with me and surely recommend to buy one while you travel or even you are within city limits. Please don’t compromise on hygiene when you can actually manage it!!



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