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Ask any random person about the fabric they wear or buy. I’m sure not everyone is aware of it. For most people, the main classification is only between cotton and synthetic. Rest is all unknown. In India where the roots tell a lot about the varieties of Indian fabric is unknown to many. Perhaps we have never bothered to ask about the origin and the artistic hands who are bringing this glory to the market.

During my earlier days when I began independent shopping I realised I never asked for anything more rather than cotton. I never liked synthetic stuff and the handmade spun fabric is always on my priority list. Also, this has never changed even after twenty years have been passed. A handmade fabric fan is always a fan!

Different artisans from various locations have their own specialities in terms of weave and tradition. Just like Silk saree or cotton, the unawareness about silk is common. Most of us really don’t know the stories of origin and various types of silks available in the market.

Pochampally Ikat

Personally, I like Pochampally Ikat a lot. Something I keep buying every year and cannot deny the comfort of the fabric. One should not think to try this fabric. A traditionally geometric design from Telangana state would make you fall in love with the fabric. I love few fabrics and keep buying them all the time. Earlier it was craft-melas and now online buying. Try a maxi dress, or tunic or any styled Kurti, everything looks great on this fabric!


This is again a traditional form of art. Hand printed and looks similar like you’ve actually painted it with kalam(pen) and famous in Andhra Pradesh. Only natural dyes are used in this art form so sometimes colour may bleed while you wash them. One should never use harsh chemicals on these handmade fabrics. A shampoo wash or Ezee wash is more than enough. Else you might lose the natural shine.


The fabric used in batik is pure cotton with the tightest weave and highest thread count. The dyeing method is entirely different which is basically an Indonesian technique of printing cotton. This fabric is quite familiar to most of the buyers who keep trying their tastes on various fabrics. You can make anything out of it and not necessarily a dress. Remember that block print type of fabric?

Cotton Silk

We all know cotton and silk as a separate fabric but there is a mix which can is amalgamation of rich texture and handy usage. You might see a little shine like silk in it but its wearable on normal days and not selective like silk. It has more life and works in all seasons. Its lightweight and a comfortable wear, adds extra glamour to your personality. Silk is quite unaffordable for most of us and needs a lot of care while silk cotton is just opposite.

There are many other fabrics I love to wear and keep exploring like lucknowi chiken, south cotton, jute cotton, tussar etc but considering the changing weather conditions I found them better and manageable! Online shopping on Fabcurate has helped me pick those fabrics easily and something you can trust upon!

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