Portraits Of Exile Series-Book Review

The word Refugee is not only about relocation from one place to another, but its also about changing home. A change from your own homeland to the entirely new place; a shift from the place where you have grown up and where your heart beats. Home is always about the family, friends and the safest feel one can have.

We have heard many stories from those segment of our society. Still, there are many untold stories behind those happy faces. We have been hearing those stories for years and cannot deny the struggle they had in their lifetime. It’s not easy to leave a settled life and move to another place. Stories from Tibetan refugees are not new but hardly we know about them. Especially those who are living in Bylakuppe, Karnataka, India.

These stories are very well narrated in the new series of Katha Books- Portraits of Exile by Aaniya Asrani. (Katha is a globally recognised non-profit organisation ( that has been working in the literacy to literature continuum since 1998 with nearly 30 years of experience in publishing and education for children in poverty.)

Portraits of Exile is a series of books( non-fiction) which talks about personal stories of Tibetan refugees from different walks of life. All the series have been narrated beautifully. The Tibetan people sought refuge in India in 1959 when the country fell into the hands of people’s republic of China. Lakhs of Tibetans followed their spiritual and political leader Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, and started living in settlements across India.

Portraits of Exile is a well-narrated series of non-fiction about Tibetan refugees in India. Beautifully illustrated, dictionary free language makes it easy to understand personal stories. These books can be read by 6+ years or anyone who enjoys reading. All the stories are heart-warming and reflect their journey to the core.

Homecoming-Story of Kizom
Homecoming- Story of Jampa
Homecoming- Story of Lobdorjee
Homecoming in Hindi- घर की मिटटी

Portraits of Exile series is also available in Hindi version to have accessibility to all type of readers. Hindi books are equally well narrated, illustrated and a perfect blend for readers!

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