How Much Care Do You Take During Summers?

India is a country of diversity and so the weather. Travel anywhere from North to South or East to West, every city has a different story. The food, weather, people and culture. And if you’re the one who believes that one should act and adept in all the circumstances then you can never miss enjoying every moment. But there is one thing apart from the food which needs care and that’s your skin regime. Winters need extra hydration as the skin turns flaky but summers are no less. It’s the wrong perception if you think you don’t need to hydrate well your skin during summers. There are many tips and tricks which can save you from the exorbitant heat and its repercussions. You don’t need to get an expert’s advice to have better summers. What you need to do is following these things religiously! Here are few:

Drink Enough Water

Summers can make you dehydrated and it doesn’t mean that sitting in an Air-conditioned environment won’t make you so. Indeed, you need to dehydrate your skin and body. Drinking enough water is the key. If you often miss to drink it or can’t, make a routine then set a timer and keep a bottle along with you. But drink as per your body needs. Or at least 7-8 glasses of water, irrespective of weather and surrounding.

Fabric You Wear

Another point is the type of clothing you wear. Is it a synthetic fabric or the unbreathable one? Please never fall for fashion over comfort and what is right. Try to wear cotton or breathable fabric as much as possible. Like, cotton, handmade fabric, or the minimal blend of any other fabric. Cotton allows your body to breathe and doesn’t clog pores. There is no match to the cotton fabrics in any season, especially during summers.

Never Miss a Breakfast

The usual summer complaint is that most of us don’t feel like eating. But one should never skip breakfast for whatever reasons. Having juice could be an additional nutrient value over your staple food. Eat local. Be it an Idli-Dosa, Aloo parantha, or Poha but have your tummy full of breakfast to avoid any breakdown in between. IN summers you tend to sweat more and thus required more energy to function. Skipping meals can make it worse.

Best Summer Hydration Combo

Do you skip moisturizing your skin during summers? Then this needs to be changed. Just like our body, our skin also needs an extra layer of moisturizer. Adding sunscreen is the best treatment when you step out of the house. But to charge it on daily basis, add aloe vera gel to rejuvenate the skin. I must say these two things are the best summer hydration combo for your skin. Try natural products, devoid of any chemicals. Most of the available aloe vera gel is not pure as it should be. First of all, it should be transparent like the natural plant. And sunscreen should be at least 30+SPF to give the right protection from the harsh sun.

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