How To Plan Your Studies For JEE Mains In 2 Months

Education methods have changed in recent years. Gone are the days when standard NCERT books and a few GK books were enough to add the knowledge required to clear the entrance exams like JEE mains or any other stream. The internet era has pushed the desired knowledge to all who weren’t equipped well due to location and availability of resourceful mentors. On the other hand, it’s good to see how everyone can have access to learning irrespective of location challenges. Education has changed multifold and is not limited to books. Learning has changed to videos and more interactions in terms of clearing doubt. Also, online learning has opened new hope for remotely placed people who can’t have access to physical classes, but dream of big and can compete for coveted colleges. Medical, engineering and getting into the best of colleges is still a dream for many children. Parents do expand their support in all ways to bring out the best of them and if they can crack the exam to get into the dream college. JEE (Joint entrance exam) is an Indian engineering exam to get into IITs, CFTIs, NITs, and other government-funded institutes. So, how should one study well to get into their dream colleges? Studying patterns can change individually, but overall, the study material and reference books matter!

Refer right books: NCERT books have covered everything to the core but the limited capacity. Choosing the right reference books to understand the concept is another thing. One should try not to waste time selecting the books with the right content and detailed study. Good mentors can help this in no time. JEE mains need some filtration of study material to focus well on studies.

Revision and doubts: Finishing a course is one thing, while constant revision and doubts are another. There shouldn’t be space for any doubt, and revision makes it better. However, it does require time-management on how this can be worked out in limited working hours.

Check previous exam papers: It’s always good to check how these entrance exams have changed their format in recent years. For example, what kind of methodology do they (JEE Mains) make while attempting the question paper? Also, solving these papers gives you weightage about the preparation and knowledge you have gained. And not to mention the period and speed at which it needs to be done.

Make short notes: Reading multiple books and making notes from each is a must. Else, it gets challenging to make track of everything. Short notes help quick revision and save time. Please don’t miss marking the reference page while you make a note of it. It helps get into details if required. Clearing preliminary and then appearing for mains need more focused studies, just like preparing for JEE mains.

Learn online: Online learning has opened the door for millions who always had the challenge of moving to one particular city to prepare for the entrance exams. Extramarks-The learning app helps in preparing to crack IIT-JEE Mains or NEET and making learning effective. This app offers one app access to everything, irrespective of the syllabus pattern you have. One can create multiple profiles to get access to different courses, unlimited questions to be added daily to refine learning, doubt solving sessions, gauge your knowledge, and solve all the related queries that might help to learn better.

Cracking a competitive exam has a lot to do with perseverance, hard work and constant learning. Online learning is making it better each day without creating hassles.

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