How To Take Care Of Your Skin This Winters?

A good skincare regimen talks a lot about your appearance and the lifestyle you follow. Basically, how you take care of your skin is somewhat directly related to the constant efforts you put in each day. Of course, they are blessed who should say thanks to their genes for the flawless skin they have, which may not require enough care. But every skin does require maintenance and regular care to keep it young and healthy. If you talk about the brands that are readily available in the market like Lakme, Himalaya, Mamaearth, I would say there is no dearth of natural, mildest products with minimal usage of chemicals to avoid reactions and allergies. The extreme weather is always harsh on the skin, and so are the winters. You do need to hydrate your skin in regular intervals to avoid dryness. There are best ways by which we can make it better!

Hydrate your body and skin: Dry skin suffers the most during winters, and skin often turns patchy with the weather. It would help if you hydrated it with moisturiser constantly. But that doesn’t mean the oily skin needs to be moisturised. Every skin needs to be hydrated in its way. Use a milder face wash that doesn’t rip off the skin’s natural moisture. Use face serums with vitamin C and then moisturiser. Mamaearth Face serum, which has both Vitamin C and a dash of turmeric, can help your skin illuminate. Hydrate yourself with water and natural juices and never compromise on your water intake due to weather changes.

Face and Body care: Skincare is not limited to the face. We often ignore other body parts, and then skin problems keep persists. Skincare is always for the entire body. As we age, our skin needs special care. In earlier times, people used to have ubtan mixed with curd and natural oils, but looking at the time constraints and busy lives we have, we can definitely switch to readymade natural packs that can help deep nourishment. Mamaearth ubtan body butter for dry skin with turmeric and honey can help you to make your skin glow. Body scrubs can always work to remove dead skin cells but not more than twice a week.

Haircare is also important. While most people struggle with dry skin and scalp, dandruff is the real reason not to leave your hair care and pay extra attention to it. Other than regular oiling, which is required and scientifically proven to have healthy hair health, regular usage of hair masks could be an added advantage to soothe the irritating scalp and reduce dandruff. Tea-tree oil and Lemon oil helps you to achieve that state which is easily available in Mamaearth haircare products. Please note scalp is also part of skincare!

Sleeping mask: Just like our body, our skin rejuvenates best during the night. So, it’s important that whatever way we are making it rest and work, it should be the most natural way. Regular cleansing before sleep is vital to avoid clogging and make the skin breathe better. Our skin suffers so much during day time. UV radiations, pollution, dirt, and nighttime are the only time we let it breathe and work better. Else, it might show the sign of premature ageing. Night cream or under eye cream can work wonders to improve your skin texture. One needs to invest in some good cremes which aren’t loaded with chemicals and can benefit in an authentic way. There are many night cremes available easily like Garnier, Mamaearth, Lakme. One can find suitable to their skin type and use.

All these points are valid when you ultimately take charge of yourself to improve each day. Good health consists of good skincare, too, which reflects as the first thing. And there is no age, to begin with. You expect you need to have routine and patience to show results for any change.

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