HP Went an Extra Mile to Keep You Protected On the Internet

Internet connections have caused a rapid change, almost radical across the planet. By extension, the internet of things can be described as the digital connection of people and smart devices. An Internet connection allows the exchange and transfer of data between these parties. Complex technologies enable data analysis and response without much human intervention. 

All that is required is an internet connection.

Privacy and Security Concerns Surrounding Internet Use

Surfing the internet is fun, to say the least. It streamlines communication, monitoring, enables automation, and saves time among other benefits. However, all these activities involve the transmission of high volumes of data, something that multiplies the risk to privacy loss. 

Unless data is properly encrypted during transmission, it remains exposed to snoopers who might use it without your knowledge. Imagine what can happen if your financial information is accessed without your knowledge.

Using VPNs for Internet Protection

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. As suggested in the name, this is a privacy system that conceals your internet activity by creating a private network. VPNs provide many benefits to its users. For instance, one can access geo-restricted content, it is also possible to hide your real location while surfing through the internet. 

Corporates and brands are on the lead for VPN use over the years. The main reason is the security feature that these connections offer during internet use. VPNs block all the methods that data hackers can use to intercept data while it’s on transmission. 

HP Partners with ExpressVPN to Protect its Customers

A recent announcement revealed the partnership between ExpressVPN and HP to protect HP customers. While making the announcement, Mike Nash, the Customer Experience and Personal Systems Vice President at HP inc noted that many of their customers usually connect to unsecured public networks and this exposes them to the risks associated with data theft. 

This move will see the customers of the new HP Spectre x360 13 enjoy exclusive access to all ExpressVPN apps through the one-month trial installation that will, moving on be included in the device. The HP Spectre x360 is a 13-inch high-performance laptop. It has a long-lasting battery and sleek dimensions. It also features the latest intel, helping elevate your day to day activities to the next level.

Reasons Why VPN Use On the Rise

In their recent study, GlobalWebIndex indicated that approximately 30% of internet users over the last month did so via a VPN. This use is expected to surge further with an estimated VPN market growth of up to about 50% in the next 2 years.

ExpressVPN is positive that the decision by HP to partner with them was a good sign that indeed, VPN use is the most preferred method of ensuring secure internet experiences. The privacy company made a promise to use its advanced resources to continue offering exemplary internet security solutions to all its consumers. It also hopes to work with other leading tech brands in a bid aimed at expanding their services to more internet users across the world. 

We are at a stage where technology controls life. That said, all the gains brought about by the internet, the leading technological innovation will only result in dire consequences if no proper security measures are in place. Using the right security offerings can help us reap the most from internet connections.


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