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Inher Connect-Bringing opportunities for women of all ages

Over the past few weeks, we’ve all adapted to a different way of living in the wake of COVID-19. The ‘new normal’ has now changed the way we interact with our communities. The entire work culture has changed and how work from home has become a new corporate culture. There are companies who have suffered and the multiple start-ups who are facing the wrath of this pandemic. In such times, finding your true calling and expanding your professional network may seem like a daunting task. But there is always a positive side to it.

Inher Connect, an exclusive club for and by women that aims to bridge the gap and help women expand their network across professions and ages.

Inher Connect

Founded by three unparalleled women – Saanya Sharma, Aashna Lalwani and Sanjana Shah, Inher Connect was envisioned as a platform that can aid learning, collaboration, upskilling, networking and support through one-to-one personalized servicing, events and interactive workshops. Whether you are an entrepreneur, professional, jobseeker, student, homemaker trying to learn a skill, make your mark in the world or simply an individual looking for guidance, Inher Connect is an ideal way to meet personal goals while forging unforgettable bonds.

In a very short period of time, Inher Connect has been able to build a loyal fanbase of members who believe in collective growth, through past event and workshops at Mumbai’s finest hotspots. Despite the current lockdown, the momentum has only grown higher with their all-new online campaign #QuarantineAndSkill. A way to keep the members and followers informed, entertained and most importantly curious during this lockdown, QuarantineAndSkill includes continuous engagement through short and creative content-driven videos on skills that people can learn from/enjoy at home as well as live, private, free of cost workshops and classes on zoom and google hangouts.

Commenting on the initiative, Saanya Sharma said, “We started Inher Connect at a time where the process of reaching out to the right people was quite unfruitful and tedious, to create a strong and reliable network that brings like-minded, resourceful changemakers together. We match women with others who can understand your story, help you achieve your dreams and strengthen your skills to grow in the right direction”. While we’d been conducting successful events in and around Mumbai before the lockdown, our online campaign #QuarantineAndSkill has helped us broaden our horizon beyond Mumbai to enable women everywhere to unite over a common interest. The innovative measure has seen an overwhelming response and be it yoga, Zumba, meditation, finance or vegan cooking — it’s all on our calendar!”
A one-stop-shop for all event, curated workshops, panels to either sharpen old skills or develop new ones, Inher Connect is the new wave of networking. Boasting of formidable existing relationships with established individuals across a multitude of industries including Health & Fitness, Food & Beverage, Luxury & Lifestyle, and many more, Inher Connect has a community spirit like no other. So to all the women around, it’s time to make use of the downtime to hone new abilities and become your best productive selves.


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