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Mandala Art Has A Lot To Talk About Culture And Well-Being.

Consumerism can never decline with time and need. The constant development and the change in technology would never let the user upgrade by buying more. Just like the apple products market. Despite being the most expensive they have their own users who never fail to buy the new product for the added features. On the contrary, handmade products which are artistic in nature and talk a lot about culture and roots can never match the race of crass consumerism. Both work on different lines. The recent Pandemic has taught us a lot about self-made art or appreciating artists who aren’t much visible to the world. The art that should be well-appreciated by the people has lost its sheen in the race for the quick factory production line.

One thing that has been talked about a lot in recent times is Aatmanirbhar Bharat. Independent India where we promote handmade products, Artisans who have expertise in making some particular type of art or anything related. Anyone who is a little more inclined towards Indian weaves or the various art forms which is losing their sheen would always try their best to promote Indian weaves and art. Indian culture has a diversity of food, culture, art and languages. Indian craftmanship is one of the crucial parts which needs to be carried forward and talked about more. All thanks to social media which is giving a platform for young artists or the niche ones who might not have a big budget to promote their work. Also, how one can amplify the reach to tell others about the beauty and depth of each artwork.

Handcrafted items are a little more expensive than the ones you get easily at any store. The bulk design and the exclusive design difference. And the time is taken by each artisan to add emotions and artistry to the end product. Every piece is different with multiple stories to tell. Mandala art is one of them and picking up fast as the revived one. Mandala art derives from a Sanskrit word that means magic circle and holds a great deal of symbolism in Hindu and Buddhist culture. Mandala art is using geometrical shapes to make a beautiful design in a much-organised manner. In Asia, Mandala art represents spiritual and ritual symbols like meditation and representation of the universe.

There is no dearth of artists who are promoting their art and how people getting know about it. Not to forget the online presence of such art makes a lot of difference in knowing the ground reality which is again linked with the history and the well-being of a human being. Mandala art being natural promotes positivity and magnifies beauty to the viewer.

EK by Ektaa R. Kapoor is an endeavour to bring the best of India to our homes through online purchases. Most of the products are designed thoughtfully and considered the stressful as we all have in today’s time.  The impact of Mandala art and how it promotes one’s well-being and peace. The material, designs and patterns used in the products have a deep-rooted significance in Indian culture at all levels where spirituality helps to calm down the human mind. Most of the products on this website are handcrafted by artisans to promote Indian craftsmanship

 if you are a Mandala art fan then here is the best option to find the best one for your home décor or to gift someone worth admiring.

EK truly believed that Mandala art is a sign of attracting balance and positivity and has been used in various EK products. Also, materials such as pure cotton, copper, brass, mango wood etc have a good impact on one’s well-being which is natural and handcrafted. 

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