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Helping Children To Master The Art Of Joyful Reading

In the era of digitalisation, the love of reading books has declined drastically. The click-away syndrome has surpassed everything. No matter what, where are you located or irrespective of age, the era of interned has stormed our lives. There is no denying the fact that Google has made our lives much easier than ever. But on the contrary, we cannot neglect the side effects.

I remember my childhood where my dad was the ultimate resource to all the questions. Or on the lowest side, friends or teachers. Not to mention, the worst option to search in all possible reference books to find the exact answer. At times, the result might be unambiguous.

But we had another luxury! A luxury to enjoy books, all genre, story, and the one government library which was liberating us. Two books at a time for 15 days, that’s it.  I had 4 cards, two each for my siblings which I used generously to read all genre of books.

Reading is fun, it takes you to a different world of imagination. It gives you a new perspective on life, knowledge and all possible things!

Now after so many years when reading and library has taken a back seat, I wonder if this charm is getting lost? Nobody is paying heed to the researches which have claimed reading as a helping tool to our overall development. Letting our brain to grow well, to understand, to imagine out of the box. The smell of books, the touch, the feel and placing a bookmark is another fascination. You can never feel like to give away your old books at any point of time in your entire life. No doubt it’s like your own extension!

Still, I love to read books, but not online. As a mother, I make sure that my kids enjoy books; they should feel it with their hands. And with books, you can sit anywhere, anytime without depending on electricity to charge the device. Most of the schools encourage learning by books and the library is always an added advantage. In fact, every child should be taught to read and feel books. With a little help, this habit can be easily developed in the early years.

Now I hardly see an array of libraries & book lovers as it used to be at one point of time. Technology has taken over everything. Do we want our children to devoid of this passion? Children of our society as a whole?

And when I use the word-“Child”  I cannot discriminate between classes and creed. All children are same but there are few who are devoid of facilities. They might get food and shelter or the basic education (not always) but how about books?

Can they really afford to read?

How about them? Don’t they have a right to explore their childhood with so many books?

Or they should be deprived of basic knowledge just because they cannot afford to do so?

Honestly, if you ask me I donate books which I don’t need. I ask those who cannot afford to buy but love to explore themselves through the mirror of words. By any chance do you also think so? But how to donate? And how one can be sure that the books are in right hands?

This is the major question which might change your thinking when you want to give back to the society.  Like whom to approach? Is this the right way? How will I get to know if it is worth paying or sharing?

Recently I got to know about Deepalaya an NGO in Delhi (Largest Operational NGO in Delhi) with a different philosophy that every child irrespective of class, should get access to quality books.  Financial issues of any sort should not become a hurdle in terms of having access to books for underprivileged and needy ones.

Deepalaya, in collaboration with Pratham Books’ crowdfunding platform “Donate-A-Book”, has started a campaign recently; the funds raised from this campaign shall be utilized to purchase new books for needy children studying at 10 learning centres located near the slum areas of Delhi and UP. Hereafter, the children shall be given read-aloud sessions. They will be given an opportunity to borrow books for a week and write book reports. Not only this, unique STEM books shall generate their interest in education and induct them into the world of science, technology and mathematics. The long-term goal of Deepalaya is to set up community libraries which will offer solace to readers and help them become leaders of tomorrow.

Do you want to contribute to help children master the art of joyful reading, and resultantly make incredible progress in their learning levels and academics?

Well, you should visit the campaign page and donate here:








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