The Best Dress For 4-Year-Old Boy

Shopping for kids isn’t easy. If you are a new mom or going to be soon then you would realise how much research, you need to do before you finalise one.  Being a mom means extra cautious for her children. Also, you always make sure that your child doesn’t suffer due to wrong choices. Taking care of their skincare, bed, toy, and clothes is one of those. We always make sure to pick the best one for their comfort. But how do you make sure about it? And how do you filter out those which shouldn’t be harming to anyone?

There is no dearth of options which are handy and easily available in today’s market. But in recent years Organic products have made its way to our lifestyle for a better living. With the changing times chemical free products or Organic living is the new style mantra for most of the people. Simple changes to life can make it more sustainable rather consuming more artificial additives or synthetic life.  Day by day Organic farming is getting its popularity and emerging as a sustainable model, benefitting millions of people who want their life to be chemical-free, without leaving carbon footprints and which doesn’t impact nature negatively. Not to mention, it’s not only limited to food, but organic clothing has emerged as a better version as compared to conventional cotton.

Organic cotton farming is done without harmful chemicals, without affecting the soil, water, and environment.  Also, organic cotton is breathable in any condition and undeniably durable. In fact, for new-born babies, toddler, children of any age, cotton is allergy free and the most comfortable feel they can ever get.

Now why cotton for kids?


Kids love to play. They need the flexibility to move their body. Even if you’re a mom to 6 months baby, 4 -year-old boy or a child of any age, you know how much body movements they make in a day. So, considering the same factor nothing can beat cotton clothes. Its strong, flexible and easy to care for. Isn’t it a good gift for them?


Seasons keep changing and children need extra care during those times. They get sweaty during summers, humid during rainy or might need extra layers during winters. Cotton works in all season.  You don’t need to discard these set of clothes it fits well. Cotton is a breathable fabric and allows the skin to function in all seasons.


Babies and young children are the most sensitive. Especially when it comes to skin allergies, they are most vulnerable. Therefore, it’s vital to make them wear what makes gives them most of their comfort and keep them allergy-free. Organic cotton is 100% natural fibre and rarely cause any irritation or allergic reactions. Even it has a natural resistance to dust mites which is another threat to various allergies.

Honestly, when it comes to comfort and choosing the right fabric for babies and kids, nothing can beat cotton. I’m a die-hard cotton lover and can’t live without it. Same with my family members. They don’t find them comfortable when they wear any other fabric. Cotton gives you a feel-good factor and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

A dress for a 4-year-old boy

So, if you’re planning to buy a dress for a 4-year-old boy then look for an organic clothing store. Children don’t need those fancy clothes which are uncomfortable and itchy. They need comfort to their skin, and this is what makes them happy. I’ve seen my kids pulling those fancy dresses which I had bought for them, but they never liked it just because it wasn’t cotton and how they are used to it. One thing is for sure, buying a cotton dress won’t disappoint you.

Do check this store Berrytree (Organic essentials for kids) and how they believe in simplicity and creating an affordable organic clothing brand for babies, children and adults!

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