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The Unsaid Words Of Our Life!

If you think you can always control your life and manage most things on your own then there is always a reminder. A reminder from life. That you are always helpless to decide how long you are going to live. You are always helpless when you think you can have all the power to control your surrounding and you are definitely helpless when life slips out of your hands.

The recent incident of CDS Gen Bipin Rawat and his wife, including all those Defence personnel who lost their lives in a helicopter crash had made me think about how life tricks us. A top cop losing his life despite multiple security checks and the number of precautions they would’ve taken before take-off. Ultimately nothing could save them and we have nothing other than grieving with the irreplaceable loss.

I couldn’t fathom how life plays the game and losing it without any notice. This incident made me realize many related things. Life’s too short. We plan every day; we decide many things to make it better. To earn more money. To travel across the globe and to enjoy every moment. But how many of us can have all this in one life? This seems to be easy and we do see most of the people living their best with no obligation.

But is this what it should be?

What about people around us?

The one whom we had lived with, living or we meet every single day?

Are we compassionate enough to feel them, to hear them or have enough sensitivity to make them feel better?

What about the words we use and the behaviour?

Is it harsh or typical judgements that might hurt them?

And what about those relationships where you still have that bracket of” The unsaid words”?

Maybe you want to hug your parents, friends or close ones. But you are still holding onto it due to some bitter experience in the past. Or maybe the ego which is continuously resurfacing in between to break that wall? Have you ever imagined what’s stopping you to break that wall you’ve created yourself and expecting others to begin? I’m sure everyone has these relationships in their life when they have those bagfuls of unsaid words, they could say which has been buried down the line. Either ego takes over or life. The loss is inevitable.

Once the life loses the battle you’ve nothing to repent and nothing to fall back on. The permanent dent of guilt might make you more brittle and you’ve nothing to look at. Think again and see how we can clear those inflated walls of ego or disputes we have created. Do we really need a heavy heart when things slip out of our hands? There is so much to ask for life than anything else. We need to think beyond. Listen to your heart.

You can always read a book of unsaid words!

Decide. Life is all yours until you breathe!

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