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This Diwali -Enlighten Your Heart!

So here again, one of the biggest festivals of India-Diwali.

We are again busy with decking up ourselves and our home décor. Cleaning, renovating, revamping all is in full swing. Diwali is the festival of light and a victory of Truth over Evil. Furthermore, it is also linked to the celebration of Goddess Lakshmi, who is venerated as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

The period before and around Diwali automatically charge you and the feel and aromas of the festival make it more special. All cities are packed with Shopping carnivals, decked up markets, lights, flowers, lamp and all sort of decorative things which you would love to buy and adding it your flavour of joy and happiness.

Diwali is being celebrated by each and everyone irrespective of status, caste, creed and people just spread positivity among themselves. This is the time when they forget all their regretful past, grudges, and all those bitter relationships. They know it’s good to start with new and there is no need to worry and think of the past which is already gone and nothing can be changed.

We lighten our homes with earthen lamps, sparkling lights, floral decorations and every best possible way to make it bright and beautiful.

But I think it’s equally important for us all to enlighten our hearts too. Let’s celebrate this Diwali with a new beginning of our life and if possible leaving aside all those regretful past and people behind. Why we really need to worry about those which are over and that future which is completely unknown. When we think of ourselves we should think about our present and how we can make it more beautiful.

Of course, no one can make others happy all the time but you can definitely make yourself happy!

I can very much relate one recent incident with above line. One of my best friends had got some parking issues last week. One evening, someone else had parked his vehicle in her parking slot and she had to park her vehicle on the main road of her apartment, which is not the valid one. She had informed the security supervisor too for this issue and he had assured that she can park her vehicle on the other side without any worries. But next morning security supervisor had to swap his shift and he missed to mention that parking issue and ultimately they locked her car and keys were handed over to one of the association members.

Anyways, she was in hurry next morning and was getting late for her office too. Her temper shot up when she saw her car being locked by security and association guy for the unnecessary reason.

She approached the association member, who was the old retired guy through phone first but he didn’t pick her call for half an hour. Ultimately she and security supervisor went to his home. Instead of listening to them he started shouting and had asked them to wait for another half an hour as he was taking bath. He was not ready to listen at all and not bothered that the other person was suffering. Then it was all shouting and high notes and ultimately that fellow realized that it was not her fault and the one who had parked his car in her slot was already out.She was just a victim of that incident.

Anyways no one wants these heated conversations but what to do if someone really doesn’t want to listen.

Next day when she was getting down from her building lift she met the same association member and she just smiled and said “Hello uncle” to him. She knew he had realized his fault yesterday and the past is over now! There is no use of dragging those unwanted incidents.  He also smiled back in a return with a big Hello.

And just a hello had cleared all those negativities which have aroused a day before in a second!

What a cool attitude! Isn’t it?

I think she did the right way when the other person had realized his fault then no use of dragging those issues when you know it could be better with just HELLO and keeping nothing in your heart against that person.

Of course, there are people who don’t deserve even a hello but

What’s the need to think of those who don’t care about you?

Why think of those who can never appreciate you?

Why think about those who can never see you happy?

Why think over those who always need a second to pull you down and

Why think of those who live the artificial or dual life where they cannot be the same all the time.

Diwali is the festival of light and if we know lighting can make our homes bright then, on the other hand, enlightening your heart will also enlighten you as a good human being. This is the only way by which we don’t need to share our sorrows but joyous moment leaving aside our balloons of Ego and love for materialistic things.

Happy Deepawali to all and please share your ideas to make it more bright!

#Happy Diwali

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