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When Kindness Has A New Name-Your Turn Now

We live in a world where compassion and kindness are rare. Our life has changed drastically in these years and most of us are busy running our own race. But amidst all chaos, there are people who are bringing change with their deliberate efforts and bringing positivity to our society.

Rushabh Turakhia is one of those and the founder of Your Turn Now which is a global kindness movement and he has reached out to millions across 46 countries through this unique and powerful movement. He has conducted numerous workshops in schools, communities and corporates with a sole intention to promote love and kindness.  He is also an author, businessman, motivational trainer and life coach. He is a firm believer of living life positively and spreading this positivity to others. A commerce graduate with an MBA in Marketing by qualification, he runs a family business of Diamonds.
Rushabh has been recently conferred with the REX Karamveer Chakra Award and Global Fellowship which is a global civilian honour given by International Confederation of NGOs in association with United Nations. He has been featured by the coveted platform “Humans of India” and by popular media house Youth ki Awaaz among the ten inspiring people using social media to drive positive change. For his exemplary work done as a philanthropist and for his other social service work towards animal rights through Ahimsa, he was awarded VOLUNTEER HERO 2012 award from the applications across India. He is also a recipient of the Award for Exemplary efforts in the field of Social Change by the Giants Group.

And with this personal interview, I get to know more about him.

Ques: Recently you’ve received Karamveer Chakra award for your work. How do you feel? And please share your story of success in a few lines.

Rushabh: Honestly, every time a Your Turn Now card spreads smiles, that is the biggest award for me. Getting recognized with a global civilian honour has come with more responsibility. It has also enabled me to spread the message of kindness to a larger and diverse audience. Not being modest, but I feel that an award is something given by the organization and reward is something I get when someone smiles due to the Your Turn Now movement. I wasn’t aware of how prestigious the award is until I met fellow awardees who have achieved much much more than I have. This has inspired me to go even beyond what I am already doing to spread kindness in the world.  Today more than half a million Your Turn Now cards have been spreading smiles in more than 46 countries, and the reason is persistence, passion and a vision to make this world a better place. Social media has been a boon as it has opened up multiple avenues to spread the message of kindness across the globe.

Ques: You wear so many hats as an author, businessman, Family. How do you bring balance to all these? Any tips you would like to share it with the readers?

Rushabh: One more – life coach too! In my life coaching, one major topic is to teach time management, and if I don’t follow it myself, I don’t have the right to preach. Thus it’s really simple – I do what is required at that moment, the right thing at the right time.

So when I have to work on the kindness movement, it’s all well balanced in the first half of my day, post which it’s purely as a businessman. After office hours, it’s unperturbed family time. I never mix any of these. Everything has its own time and place which leaves me and the people around me happy. It’s important to balance it well for your mental peace and happy life. The key is to prioritize what’s important and to learn to say ‘NO’ for things and events which don’t lead you to your vision.

Ques: Your turn now is catching momentum now. What’s your vision related to it and anything new you would be bringing along with it?

Rushabh: My vision and mission are to reach out to 7.7 billion people by encouraging and motivating them to make kindness a habit, a part of their daily routine, it should be as important as breathing. And most importantly, I want to spread a simple message that kindness should be the only religion.  Your Turn Now books have helped me pass on these messages to places where I couldn’t reach. Thus the plan is to have a series of Your Turn Now books which can inspire young minds to be a kinder lot. As they say, innovation is the mother of necessity, with the world becoming flat and smaller, thanks to the internet. Lots left to be unravelled along this journey to spread the message of kindness. 

Ques: What kind of message you’d like to give to millennials about the word”Kindness”. Do you think its as difficult as to manage discipline in an individual’s life?

Rushabh: It’s a fast-paced competitive world. At times I feel we have become robots and machines due to which values and virtues have been dwindling in us. Kindness should be a value that is innate and imbibed at a very young age. Kindness should not be looked upon as an attribute, instead a skill to be practised every day. Come to think of it, we can get rid of most of the problems the world is suffering from if kindness can become a way of life for the human race. Parents and teachers can become the best role models by performing kind acts which are simple yet impactful, thereby guiding and moulding young minds to be kind. Children absorb easily what’s ingrained; the challenge is to redirect parents to themselves be compassionate and pass on the message by being their child’s role model.

Ques5: How do you connect with people? Tell us something about your thoughts and approach.

Rushabh: My core strength to connect is simply by listening. Listening is an art and it’s not very easy to imbibe. It is important to listen without judging and with undivided attention. I am a good listener and that’s something I really feel helps me connect with people, as people have so much to share and talk about – ideas, thoughts, perspectives! But, how many of us listen or lend an ear? The real me is a very introvert person. But thanks to this movement, I have become a situational extrovert to spread the message to billions. I feel it’s easy to connect when you are true to your heart, and your passion speaks automatically. 

He has authored 4 books – Knock , Knock, Are you listening? , YOUR TURN NOW , Your Turn Now 2 and Second Look. Your Turn Now books made it to the list of BEST BOOKS OF 2013 by Crossword and also to the list of 50 GREAT INDIAN CHILDREN’S BOOK. All the royalty earned from the book is used 100% for charity. Both the editions of Your Turn Now books were chosen by Amazon as India’s Memorable Books of 2016. These books also find a place in the list of 8 books from across the world based on peace and kindness. 

To be a part of this global kindness movement and to get the pack of Your Turn Now cards, please call or WhatsApp Rushabh Turakhia on +91-9029602897. He ships these cards completely free of any cost whatsoever to any part of the world.

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