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It’s Just Like Another Day For Me!

Being a seventies child, I had witnessed those times closely as for how monthly cycles used to be like Trauma in our society. Awareness was limited to the Girls room and many frowned faces to discuss it as a normal thing.  It was not less than a crime for those three to five days every month. I really don’t know why was the fuss all about? It’s not a man-made creation but God has chosen us to be a part of this, so what’s wrong with it?

When we are so much convinced with all creation made by GOD then why this natural way of monthly cycle is taken as the bad omen?

To be very honest even that time we( three sisters) never had any restrictions in our family for doing Puja or entering in a kitchen. It was just like another day and we had been doing all mundane things as usual. I knew, there were few conservative families and for them, those three days were like a Curfew. Women of that families were not allowed to go to temples or to worship at home. Not entering in a kitchen too and a separate food for them. Sleeping separate for those three days and apparently to wash everything whatever they had used. It’s really sound weird and nothing less than discrimination in terms of acceptance!

But for me, it was never a taboo and I will also make sure that my next generation should not take it as a baggage.  I have never barred myself from going to temple or cooking, of course, if someone wants me to rest and cook then this is a privilege to take rest as a woman. But this seldom happens even in today’s time when everything gets a makeover in just drop of a hat. Women are now more equipped with confidence and freedom of choice. Women are everywhere, in space, in an army, in navy and every day touching new heights of success. With this ongoing scenario, if still few people are ingrained in their old tradition of out- casting menstruating ladies then it’s a high time when they need a change in their perception and belief.

And this change is all about being positive and accepting it just like another day. It’s not a weakness of a woman but a power which makes them feel as a woman.

A woman who is empowered by GOD and an epitome of love and compassion.

Let’s embrace the new women who face every challenge every day and there is absolutely no looking back for us!


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2 thoughts on “It’s Just Like Another Day For Me!

  1. I agree treating it like just another day is important and its also important to voice if there is any pain/discomfort related to it, basically treating it like any other normal body function.

    1. Thanks for Reading! And yes, it equally important to voice against any discomfort and how to treat it further to bear the least. Like we have solution to every problem!:))

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