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Online Matchmaking – How Do I Trust What I See There?

I have often heard often people questioning the trust they put in the online world – this is more with regards to any form of commerce in the online space. To be honest, I too was of the same view till I got on my own, starting my blog – I have met engaged and done business with people who I would have never met if not for the online world.  For me, the world of the Internet sure has changed the way I live and work.

One such person I met online, on Linkedin to be precise is Shalini Singh . A post on her early stage venture andwemet.com caught my attention. On engaging with her further I learned about andwemet.com being a global and a responsible matchmaking platform for urban Indians over the age of 30 years. I have friends over 30 years, looking for a partner but are hesitant to go online made me further curious which lead to a Q&A on andwemet.com. Shared below is a summary :

andwemet.com is for those over the age of 30 years? What made you decide on the target age group?

Yes, andwemet.com is for urban Indians over the age of 30 years, the reason to build a niche target audience is because there are enough and more platforms for those in their teens and 20’s. We cannot have a cookie cutter approach for across ages – those in their 30’s and above are more in control over their wants and needs both in terms of personal and professional.

Why should my single, urban friends, over the age of 30 years sign up on andwemet.com?

This platform is much more than the swipe left/ right options available in the market. A fact validated by our customers who call the platform a refreshing change from what is available today. All profiles on andwemet.com are real, as they have been validated by a stringent verification process thereby giving a much-desired level of assurances to our customers. In addition to that, the process for sign-up followed by the platform ensures that the members contemplate on their relationship expectations, which is put forth to the prospect through what we call as “relationship deal-breakers” questions. The decision to accept the “digital interest” expressed is purely depended on each individual, however, our copyright process allows to put the uncomfortable questions first, thereby allowing them to engage before they make any emotional connect.

It’s been 40 days since the launch, how has the response been? In terms of demographic what age groups have signed up – and what would say about the man-woman ratio?

It’s been overwhelming, we have a high three digits sign up but we have a long way to go and hope to get high four digits to sign up in the coming few months.

In terms of gender, we have more women sign up vs men, which to us is indicative of their comfort level. As for age groups – we have interestingly an equal number of sign-ups across various buckets of 30-35 years, 35-40 years, 40-45 years, 45 -50 years, 50-55 years and 55-60 years.

Great, you call yourself global – explain the same, please.

We call ourselves global and for Urban Indians. As mentioned earlier the platform is targeting Indians above the age of 30. As you would know India has a young population (50%,< age of 25) and Indian’s constitute approximately 18% of the world’s population, with an increasing trend of finding a partner later than what we saw traditionally. We also know Indians migrate for the search for better opportunities (both within the country and abroad). During this period it becomes difficult for them to find partners which align with their social/cultural backgrounds, and this is where andwemet.com fills the gap.

What would you say to those who feel that it is difficult to find a partner say after 35 years of age?

What we seek in a relationship, is an extremely personal choice and from that standpoint, it is left to each to decide on their own when is the right time to be in a relation – which translates too ‘the right time to meet the companion is when it happens’. The platform developed aids in simplifying the process and setting expectations, much before you are emotionally involved. The attempt is to simplify the process of identifying partners with help of technology, and with the aim of reducing the heartaches.

That being said, It is important to be realistic in your search vs looking for perfection in your partner. A partner is a ‘life partner’ and the one perfect for you.




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