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Raising Above Religion

I am certainly a type of atheist who doesn’t like to visit Temples. But I do believe in Almighty’s presence in all of us. I can’t deny the fact that all is God’s creation and he is supreme of all!

It’s been years and years I really don’t remember when last I visited any temple to worship. The only thing I can recall is when I was too young, during exams time I used to visit the nearby temple. Or it was like any other materialistic fellow who will knock your door when needy. As the time passed by I understood the do’s and don’t and the different religions, people follow. But before you conclude anything I must say that I am not writing here to hurt any sentiments or against any religion.

I do respect all and if someone will ask me to accompany them to church or mosque or gurudwara I will happily go with them. There might be a possibility that people might find me standing in the extreme corner without folding my hands. It’s not because I am Hindu and other religions don’t matter to me. I never had that discrimination that my religion is above all and showing disrespect to others.

For me, there is one more religion which stands above all- A religion of humanity!!

I haven’t read much of all these holy books but for me lending a helping hand will always be on the top. And this is also above all being a rich or poor, being educated or uneducated, child or old, dependent or independent.

I don’t assume myself as a flag bearer of any particular religion. I believe in those magical words and attitude which don’t have sensors to know who you are and which religion or caste you belong to? Are you rich or poor? Are you educated or uneducated? Are you from same community?

This might sound little sarcastic or off the way to those things when we talk about love and compassion in all ways. My children know that they are Hindu by birth but they are allowed to celebrate any festival irrespective of the religion. They are not restricted to only Holi or Diwali but Id, Christmas and much more.

In this world of hatred still, I believe being a human is above all. How many degrees you add in your portfolio, until you are not humble and kind, love and respect will automatically move in opposite directions.

Being a Mom is a big responsibility. Of course, I can’t let my children to blindly follow me but a little when they see us doing so. They learn more with our live examples and not by preaching.

They do have some space for prayers in their daily lives and one should. Being an atheist not necessarily mean denying the God’s existence. They do pray for good thoughts and good work and not for good marks and to get medals. They do pray for all people around and not only for themselves.

They worship in their own way and to some extent I have felt that children can connect better to almighty. Maybe the innocence and clean heart and they just know love and compassion. Surely, for honest people, it’s difficult to survive in this world of misery. But still, I expect them to be honest and follow it. Honesty is not which need appreciation or degrees. It’s all about self -satisfaction, being truthful, NO-Guilt feel and surely a peaceful sleep at the end of the day which is totally yours.

Children are purest of all! Hatred and violence are not in their dictionary. We infuse these to them. Sometimes directly or sometimes indirectly. Physically maybe they are too small but their receptivity towards us is incomparable. They can sense each word we say and each expression we emulate. They are our next generation and I don’t want them to be busy in violence or hatred. They deserve to be in peace with all the beautiful people around with much love and compassion. The only thing which I expect from my children to become a good human being first before any high profile profession or any follower. And I really want this from my heart.

PS: This is completely my thoughts and not intended to hurt anyone. People might vary with their own set of belief and perceptions!!

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