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5 Important Lessons of Life- Part of Parenting!

Over the years, as I’m adding numbers to parenting, I’m finding it difficult and Parenting is demanding! Honestly, it’s a tough job. Nurturing children, telling them how to use their heart and mind to find out best is a daunting task. Children succeed or sometimes fail. Its a part of their upbringing. We tell them to learn disciple, value time, how to eat, how to talk, how they can study better etc but what matters at the end of the day is how they are as a human being? Isn’t it?

For me, their success is not about adding medals and applauds. Anyway, this trait is always welcomed by every parent at any point in life. But when I read stories of people who aren’t happy even after reaching the top of the world makes me worried. Then what’s the use of so much hard work a child and a parent do? Where is happiness? Can money buy them happiness or the glitzy lifestyle can fuel them up as long as they want?

NO! Happiness comes from within and one should know how to be happy even in the hardest time. How empathetic you are with yourself and others? How much you depend on other’s judgement? Or do you really invest time to build your relationships with the people around? 

Also, I cant teach my kids when they are fully grown. But I can surely tell them how being a judgemental to anyone or even at the receiving end won’t make their life happy so I thought of penning down those. Certainly, I can’t expect them to follow those rules which I don’t follow. We as a parent, always reflect and children absorb from us. I know I’ve to go a long way in this cycle of parenting and hoping to see them happy and helping them to find one, moments they live in!

Still, there are things I keep reminding my children and why they should follow it lifelong.

1. Failures are Inevitable:

There is no success without failures. It’s Okay to embrace it. Learn from your failures and move ahead. Life is not about fretting about each thing. I had many then how could I expect success in all the things they do. There is learning from each failure, learn and try again.

2. Mind your words:

Communication is important but what makes it more important is how you’re using it. Never use abusive language and vice-versa. Think before you shoot your words, it should be constructive and not damaging others. Words are precious and it can make or ruin relationships. Be careful.

3. Never judge anyone:

Quite common in today’s world. How you’re even judged on the basis of attire. Never judge a book with a cover. Let people have their own priorities and choices. They have all the right. Like, you’ve yours! Also, never let anyone take on you. It could be an insensitive comment, or judging you for no reason.

4. Learning is lifelong:

Age is just a number and one should keep learning all the time. Learn from each aspect, every failure, opportunity or whatever you face. Learning is liberating and one shouldn’t put any full-stop to it.

5. Invest in relationships:

How much we vouch about the virtual world but nothing can be more satisfying when we talk to people. Trust, communicate and why family is important who is already ready to accept you the way you are. Talk to them without any fear of getting being judged. 

And Love yourself!

How about you? What are the things you tell to your children?

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