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Pandemic And A Family Life

I don’t know how to start? Should I say how this pandemic changed our life and the perspective? Or should I say how miserable it has become? But in both ways, there are inevitable changes. A few have failed and many more have sailed. Things are not the same as it was two months back. Life is out of track and everyone is trying hard to pull it back!

In my life, this is the first time when I’m experiencing Pandemic. Swine flu had limited impact and I wasn’t affected in either way. This COVID-19 Or Novel Coronavirus has changed our lives and has put a lot of things into a question mark. And millions of families around the world who are already in this circle.

It was March when we heard of infections and how contagious it is. Never thought it could impact millions of people within a few weeks. Human transmission is the biggest threat. Secondly, saliva drops is another way of spreading infections. Social distancing and wearing a mask made mandatory. People were made to sit at home. It was a complete lockdown and one can step out of the house only for essentials.

Initially, it was difficult. Imagine for a family when you have kids and most of the time they enjoy playing outdoors, how difficult is to make them sit at home. But do they have any option left? With time, they realised how dreadful is this pandemic. Initial weeks were tough. Self-curfew is not easy. You can surely control your body but not your mind. It takes time to reboot and to adjust with the demand. A demand to live minimalist. Not everything can be bought and readily available. And there are high chances of missing those luxuries which were basic at times. But you know one thing that children are the best learners. They don’t need so many reminders when it comes to accepting certain practices and controlling their demands. I didn’t see the demand coming in for anything. There were days when we didn’t get milk supply, when we missed fruits and the repetitive menu never made them bored. They knew the reason and what’s more important at this time.

They know how everyone is managing their own ways despite difficulties. Few things are inevitable and you cant control everything. But the most important part is how we accept it without any complaints.

The pandemic has changed many lives around the world. There are things which are not reversible but its important how it teaches you the best of life , which is not a luxury but surviving with basics. And the most importantly, the life with the family, caring and nonjudgmental. You don’t need a glitzy lifestyle to live it to the fullest. Satisfaction is utmost. Perhaps this is the right time to learn more about this word. I’ve lived it more closely and so may family. Hoping they learn their life lessons with this pandemic and how the minimalist living have added value to their satisfied life!

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