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Eat Raja-A Changemaker In Bengaluru

For 12 years Anand Raj spent his life behind a mic at a famous radio station in Namma Bengaluru. One day he decided to take over his father’s juice centre located in Malleshwaram. 

Famously known as Eat Raja Juice Centre, this shop is a zero-waste zone. 

Eat Raja

Anand now known as Eat Raja, calls himself a waste engineer & is a pioneer in not just converting his store into a zero-waste zone, but also in spreading awareness in and around Malleshwaram.

Handpicked fruits & Vegetables

From replacing plastic straws with leaf straws to making enzymes out of wet waste, Eat Raja has made waste management a part of his lifestyle. The juices at his shop are served in the fruit skins instead of plastic cups & customers are encouraged to get their bottles to get things parcelled.

Earlier this month the Government of India, announced a ban on single-use plastic across India. Extremely happy with this news Eat Raja says “ It’s indeed a welcome ban considering the amount of plastic that’s being added to our landfills on a daily basis”. Even though there is a lot of awareness about how we can make our environment toxic-free, not everyone is voluntarily contributing to our environment. The term voluntary comes with its own set of limitations. It’s an added task that needs to be practised with the intention to add some value from the small things you do on a daily basis. Waste segregation is a way of life for me & my family for the past many years. Switching to more sustainable practices like using steel & glass instead of plastic containers has helped us as a family to move towards a plastic-free zone. Though we are not 100% plastic-free yet, we are striving to use less and less plastic on a daily basis. 

Over the years, there are a lot of people who have done exemplary work in the field of saving the environment. I believe every individual can contribute it in their own way. Be it big or small, it doesn’t matter but one should be doing something voluntarily to save mother earth for our next generation. Many individuals are creating this impact by growing organic vegetables in their kitchen gardens to using wet waste to generate manure at home. Also, many changemakers have adopted trees across the city & bringing back the green cover over Bengaluru.”

There is no dearth of unsung heroes who are making a difference in their own small way. No step is too small if it saves the environment for future generations.

Ruf & Tuf salute these unsung heroes & changemakers!

We Salute you Eat Raja! Check this Video about Eat Raja:

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