Babies Dress- What to Buy and What Not?

Parenting duty begins the day when you plan your family. Adding a member to their clan is the most precious gift for the lifetime. The good news ports you to the new world of imagination. And once you’re closer to the delivery date, you begin your journey with shopping. An extensive shopping for the new-born-Babies Dress!

There were times when old clothes would run in the families. The sharing and exchange of used clothes were quite common in families. New parents had very limited investment in buying new clothes for the baby. But with the current scenario when nuclear families culture is on the rise, everything has shifted to parents’ shoulder. Sometimes they get
related guidance or being left on their mercy. Buying clothes for a new-born is another knowledge which adds up as per experience. Until you become a parent, you will not realise the underlying facts. Similarly, buying babies dress isn’t similar to buying a dress for anyone else. You need to educate yourself before you add unlimited clothing to your basket.

Here are 5 major points to consider.

Fabric Is Important

Adults can have unlimited options to choose any fabric for themselves, but this doesn’t work with babies. Babies skin is delicate and sensitive. Anything harsh can give them rashes or allergies. Cotton is the best fabric for everyone and should be preferred for new-born.
Cotton is a natural fibre which allows the skin to breathe and keeps the body cool. So, the first preference should be Cotton. Adding to that Organic cotton has an edge over it being pure, extra soft and without any harmful chemicals.

New-Born Babies Sleep More

Babies sleep more during the initial months. The normal cycle is 11-17 hours per day and considering these sleep patterns, dressing up baby in the best comfortable clothes is vital. And a baby sleeps well only if he/she is comfortable. Other than, cosy bedding, proper ventilation of the room, a baby should be dressed accordingly. Anything with tight elastic or
mixed fabric can affect sleep and comfort.

Don’t Buy Expensive

Well, it doesn’t matter how much you can spend on buying all the baby’s stuff and dresses from branded stores. It’s of no use. Babies size changes every month and whatever you buy might not fit in the next one. So, don’t buy more than required. Prefer comfortable clothes than going with designs or embellishments. Also, there are high chances you might get a lot
of new dresses as a gift from your family and friends. So, don’t go overboard!

Birth Month Matters

Different weather conditions bring a lot of change in our lifestyle. Dresses we wear during summers might not be suitable in chilly winters. Same goes with baby’s dress. Don’t do panic buying without concluding on delivery month or season. Buy accordingly. Babies might need extra layers during winters or a simple cotton dress to combat summers. And don’t
forget to check the neck size before you buy one. You shouldn’t end up pulling those to get fit. Buying one or two dresses extra as per contradictory weather conditions is advisable due
to sudden weather change.

Say No To Fancy Dress

While you enjoy all these fashionable baby’s photoshoot with multiple fancy dresses but the fact is, nothing can beat a simple cotton outfit. Children love comfort. They feel relaxed which makes them happy. Experimenting anything with unwanted stuff can make them uncomfortable and cranky. Even if you have plans to get the photoshoot done in the prettiest frock, please make sure to add a cotton layer to avoid unwanted allergy.

For every parent, buying babies dresses is a kind of excitement. But it’s better to go slow, watch the baby’s development, give them comfort and avoid unnecessary shopping. And don’t forget to compromise on cost over quality. Buying a cotton dress is the best solution. Check BerryTree for the best options.

Organic Cotton Store for Kids

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