Dress Designs for Girls

Choosing the best dress for their children is every parent’s favourite task. And when it comes to your daughter then this becomes more interesting. After all, you have hundreds of options to choose from. Not even dresses but matching accessories add up all the excitement to your shopping spree.

Dress designs for girls have always been the creative section. You can create as many designs as per the occasion, can make it fashionable and as elegant as you can think about. But only we adults know that creating a fashion with the blend of comfort is not as easy it seems to be. Either you may make them feel uncomfortable or being too simple might take away the limelight. Similarly, for children, they might fall for all these fairy tale frocks with multiple layers but carrying those dresses for a longer time might poke their skin. That’s every parent’s story.

For kids, comfort is above fashion!

I’m a mom to two girls and honestly, my preference is always a comfort and I’ve experienced it only in cotton fabric. Even if I buy some random, fancy fabric, the rejection is inevitable. For children, their body comfort is always above any fashion statement. Even if you try to buy those fancy dresses just to make them feel special, I’m sure it won’t stay for last. In my case, they always wait for those cotton comfort they get from simple clothes. But it doesn’t mean that simplicity is limited to night suit. There are ways you can buy both comfortable and fashionable stuff for your girls.

Invest in good cotton T-shirts: For every age or any season, T-shirts are the best investments. Wear it with leggings, shorts, or any denim lower of your choice. There is nothing which can match the comfort. But you need to make sure that these T-shirts should be 100% cotton. Cotton gives the best comfort to the body, relaxing and allows the body to breathe.

Cotton Frocks are cool: Again, frocks are cool, especially for younger girls. They can flaunt it during summer or add layers as per the requirement. Wear it with leggings or match it with headbands. The choice is all yours. Frocks have better ventilation due to its design and proved to be one of the best dress for girls. Make sure you do have pure cotton frocks in their wardrobe.

Check the fabric blend: Sometimes fancy designs and bright colours grab your attention while you shop for your girls. But before you finalise one make sure to check the label and the fabric blend ratio. It could be organic cotton, cotton, mix fabric, polyester, or any other synthetic fabric. You might not get those fancy designs on simple cotton dresses but believe me these are the best fabric one can choose for their children. As cotton is the softest fabric which is suitable for babies and children, keeping them away with any rashes or allergies.

Organic is best: Going organic is not a trend but a kind of a necessity if someone can manage it as a part of their lifestyle. The term organic is associated with chemical-free and leaving no carbon footprints. Especially for babies, children and how we try our best to give them a feel of nature, chemical-free food and adapting nature-based lifestyle, switching to organic clothing and how Berrytree could be an added advantage. BerryTree is an organic clothing store with a unique offering in various segments related to babies, kids and of any age group. Choosing the best available organic cotton, crafting handmade expertise, and bringing out the best with the right implementation, Berrytree has it all! And when the entire world is struggling hard to balance the manmade Vs Natural life, going organic way is the best option!

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