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A Lifestyle Change Can Help You Save The Environment

The recent and ongoing pandemic has taught us something. To value Mother Earth and how we all can contribute to making it better by limiting carbon footprints. To make it more liveable for the next generations to come so that they have better air, water and a healthy environment. Even though a lot of environmental activist and scientists have been educating the people around the world but every day the challenge gets tougher.  On the contrary, this wasn’t the new agenda and why the contribution of each human can only make it possible. Also, the multiple stories on recent Pandemic have proved how nature has regenerated itself beautifully without human intervention. We don’t need big affirmations to save ourselves but a small change in our daily life can make it possible and we have realised this in the last few months!

Eat Local

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Time and time again various theories and research have pushed us to live the most simple and organic way. The more we are close to nature without damaging it, we can easily detox ourselves. Bringing the balance between rapid urbanisation and our lifestyle can impact a lot of change in the environment. Eat local and fresh. Home-cooked food is the best as we have been doing since the Pandemic began.

Carbon footprints:

Insulated Water Bottle/Flask by VAYA

Have you ever thought how much carbon footprints you leave in your daily life? The plastic you use as water bottles or the tiffin boxes? Don’t miss those storage boxes which you buy in the sale. Every degraded plastic is as detrimental to the environment as it does to us. Knowing the fact, we don’t want to change our habits. While a single shift from plastic water bottles to sustainable water bottles can easily be followed with no side effects. Avoid plastic water bottles and try natural. Like Vaya Insulated water bottle and how these water bottles can keep the water in the same temperature for 10-12 hours without harming the minerals. Most of us know that Bottled water which is being stored in plastic is harmful and always advisable to shift it in an insulated flask, steel or copper vessels when you buy one.

Avoid Plastic: While the government is trying hard to ban plastic bags and promoting the usage of natural products, primarily it’s our responsibility also to avoid those purchase. We can always carry our cotton or jute made handbags to avoid buying those plastic bags. It’s more about owing up responsibility and nothing else.

Segregating waste:  Segregating waste is not so prevalent in India. But many states are aggressively following this practice of segregating waste at source. Making it into Degradable and Reusable. Medicinal, sanitary and electrical waste comes under a separate category. Make it a habit even if you travel. Buying a mineral water bottle is fine until you transfer it to another bottle which is more reliable in terms of usage and adds value to your health.

In short, we all need to contribute at an individual level to save the environment. Rather than complaining, better we start with small changes towards a better life!

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