Hair-Care Mantra I’ve Been Following Since Decades

Our lives are so busy all-the-time and how we struggle hard to get some time for personal care. I must say, a sustainable lifestyle aint difficult but it does require consistency with the period of time. Also, you don’t need to strive harder for these positive changes but a little effort can bring a lot of positive changes. The same applies to hair-care. I won’t buy the logic of unnecessary spending on hair- care. For me, a simple and conventional way of maintaining hair is the best way and maybe the reason why I’m able to maintain it well with the age. The shine, strength and quality. I’ve them all. So, what is the secret behind these or I’m using something which I don’t share with others? Honestly, I’m the one who always like to share good habits which can bring good change. Just like my hair care routine and how I managed to bring that shine for years together. Here are those mantras:

Eat well- balanced Diet

Its a fact- Your hair and skin reflect what you eat and how much you invest in your personal care. Binge eating, crash diets, the dehydrated body will ultimately affect your health. Eat a well-balanced diet and very much on time. Go local and never let seasonal fruits to skip your plate. Invest time in Breakfast. A heavy breakfast can make you filly the entire day and the chances of binge eating decline, making you eat as per the requirement. Avoid packaged food and go for staple food.

Try for chemical-free products

The inevitable presence of chemicals has affected our lives to great extent. The food we eat, the products we use and in all the nitty-gritty of life. You just can’t get away with the loaded chemicals which have been ingrained deeply in our life. But one can always find a way to live an organic life, cutting down a few chemicals with the alternate choice. Like Organic products, naturally extracted products, using fewer preservatives, freshly- cooked food. Over a period of time, you’ll surely see the positive changes you get in your health. But yes, this needs consistency and there is no shortcut to improving your lifestyle.

Trust the home-remedies

When it comes to personal care, the only thing I trust is using natural things. Be it an organic coconut oil for the regular head massage or infusing multiple seeds (Methi/Black Sesame) into it to make it more strong. I do it all with due diligence. Honestly, Oiling hair twice a week (during night time) is one of my oldest regimes I’ve been following since childhood. Good oiling is like oiling a machine to make it more productive or in simpler terms a food for hair which you can’t miss. There is no dearth of hair care products in the market but these cant work well until you’ve actually worked on the entire system of eating well, sleeping well and oiling well.

Read labels before you buy hair-care products

Do you really read labels before you buy products? The ingredient list and the types of chemicals which have been used to form that product. If No, then please do read the labels. This isn’t about the unwanted knowledge but it gives you clarity on how much chemicals you are consuming without your knowledge. Nowadays the market is full of organic and natural products, to begin with. On the contrary, we cannot completely cut all the chemicals in our daily consumption. While it comes to hair care it’s better to go minimal. The less chemical on hair, the better it is. Too much styling products can ruin the texture and of course, while you choose your shampoo, don’t forget to try natural products. The ones which are more eco-friendly, mild to your hair and with no side effects. Recently I’ve tried Just herbs shampoo as I keep trying natural hair care products. I must say, the results were amazing. I used a little amount of shampoo to clean my oily hair but it does wonders. It has added back the shine, volume and mild fragrance. I skipped conditioning my hair post that and somehow never regretted it. It has Amla, Neem, Hibiscus, Henna, Vetiver(Khus), Methi seed, Wheatgram Oil and Soy to nurture and strengthen hair roots, controlling hair fall and without affecting hair to lose natural oils.

In short, Haircare isn’t only about treating your in Salon one in a while but a part of the lifestyle you follow. It includes everything and stress play a major role in good hair health. Follow some routines rigorously without skipping for any genuine reason. Because repairs need more time than maintaining it well! So do little things every day to have a better tomorrow!

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