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Go Back To Your Basics- Reminder From Pandemic

At this moment, I don’t need to write about Pandemic. The entire world knows Why, How, When and What to do? Also, I don’t want to write on similar lines which you have been reading for the last six months. Alright, so what next? Well, no one knows what’s there in the store for us.

Unexpected Life

Coronavirus is all about unexpected life. No planning. Life is going on still mode and I’m expecting it to linger on for another 2-3 months. Everyone has his share of struggle. A few of them like to share on social media while the majority striving their best to stay afloat. In other words, imagining someone else in a better position might be a camouflage for this period. But we are still managing, surviving and trying our best to stay calm and sane while we know insanity is right there knocking on your door.

New Experience for All

But on a personal level, I noticed things were different. I’m sure this Pandemic would be once in a lifetime sort and no one needs it again. Even for me, this is the first time when my dictionary changed. Quarantine, Isolation, spread, lockdown were the most used words and still, they are playing havoc. I haven’t seen any major impact during Swine flu pandemic a few years back. Things were very much controlled in all levels and contrary to COVID-19 Pandemic which is deeply etched in our memories. But there are learning to each one of us and how our simple lifestyle habits made us survive through this tough period.

How Minimalist Approach Saved us

I’m a firm believer in the Minimalist Approach. Buy less, spend limited and check priorities over desires. This doesn’t mean misery or living in your cocoon. We as a family of four have been following simple lifestyle since years together. Even for kids, we had never believed in the concept of showering unwanted gifts, buying things in advance or going over budget just to show off. We follow a simple strategy-Don’t think about others when it comes to your decisions, Believe in yourself and set priorities before you demand anything unusual. Same goes with eating patterns and how we never believed in picky eating.

It wasn’t easy

It was 75 days of strict lockdown before we got some relaxation in terms of moving out. Otherwise, it was only four walls and buying essentials once in 12 days and managing with it. Children knew about the situation and how they need to behave amidst this Pandemic. They never cried for unwanted demands or anything which they knew it won’t be possible. We cooked minimally without wasting a single thing. Have tried best to use leftover in the next meal. Shared our workload, watched Television, had a good laugh and managed to spend 75 days. Now it’s been close to 4 months and how things have changed.

A New Learning

This is the first time when we had to spend the maximum time together with each other. Though I won’t say that we got to know each other better, because that was already there before but the relaxation of time and no running errands for the daily routine has made this possible. I’m sure once things will fall back to normal we will miss this time. And one thing is sure,” Happiness is within, you just need to find it out”. The materialistic race is just a myth and we need to burst that bubble. Simple food, basic living and family life, Lockdown period has made this possible!

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Pandemic blog train

This post is a part of the Blog train โ€“ THE PANDEMIC THAT CHANGED OUR LIFE UPSIDE DOWN initiated by blogger Ila Varma to bring the bloggers together to share numerous experiences of #PandemicLockdown2020.

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7 thoughts on “Go Back To Your Basics- Reminder From Pandemic

  1. Lockdown certainly bought new learning. Minimalism is the need of the hour and we certainly need to utilize available resources instead of overbuying or overspending. Nice post on how we accepted the unexpected and adjusted ourselves.

  2. Simple food, basic living and family life, Lockdown period has made this possible! This line says it all. This approach towards life should be present at all times. Nicely written.

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