Book Review- Super Girls By Katha

Imparting knowledge through books is the best thing one can do for children. Of course, we cannot compare the financial status of the people living in our country but we can surely bridge the gap by introducing the right kind of books which can help them to shape better.

Katha started in 1988 with a magazine for children from the underserved communities and growing big with over 400 published titles, including quality translations of fiction for adults and children in 21 Indian and 12 foreign languages. Katha has ignited the minds of over 80,00,000 children till date.

Super Girls Wash Action Guide in English and Hindi
  1. The Recent Super Girls series have been curated exquisitely by keeping in mind our social setup. To empower girls and which talks about a crisp and practical line- SUPER GIRL- The Force Is Within Us!

The handbook is divided under six wash themes which is collectively called as (SHE)x2

  • Safe Water
  • Sanitation
  • Health
  • Hygiene
  • Education
  • Empowerment

This book is available in both Hindi and English which serves the purpose to all the readers across. It also has some activities, stories and demonstrations on how one can practice all these in their mundane life. These points are important and well- addressed for every growing child including underprivileged!

सुपर गर्ल्स – चाह! कुछ अलग करने की

2. Another book by Katha which has many short stories and poems. The illustrations add value to the book and make it more interesting. This book talks about reserving water and how one can save it on daily basis. Again, the hygiene part is well described through catchy stories catering to the Indian audience. The logic of (SHE)x2 is retold to make it more appealing and practical.

Super Girls- Find A Solution and Lead The Way

3. Super Girls- Find a Solution is another empowering book for the young girls and how menstruation should not affect their life. This book has various stories related to Menstruation which is still perceived as Taboo for many. The padman story, growing up matters are one of those where it leaves the open discussion on menstruation and why it should be taken as a healthy growing years of every girl’s life. Short stories on water sanitation and reserving it as a community adds value to the reader.

Super Girls- Lead The Way has many magical stories weaved around hygiene, how to fight germs, sanitation and healthcare. It gives you a clear vision as how & why every child can contribute towards it. The book has dictionary-free words and creative illustrations which can make anyone understand it .

सुपर गर्ल्स – अनोखी तरकीब

4. Super Girls-Anokhi Tarkeeb is a hindi story book which is about two sisters Taara and Neela. The elder sister is always careful if the younger one follows healthy habits in her daily routine. The book has adorable illustrations and talks about health, hygiene and Sanitation.

Ultimately, all the Katha books are good efforts considering Indian set up and their challenges. They have addressed the issues and conveyed the best possible solution. Not only that, working for the social cause where they can cater all the children who are not in a situation to buy books is much appreciable! To buy books refer:

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