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I’m a newspaper freak and has been reading it since my childhood! Whether it’s a sensational headline or a heart- wrenching story, it was very much a part of my daily routine. The habit is still alive and a day without a newspaper seems to be incomplete.

I believe reading a newspaper is a good habit, you get to know what’s happening in and around the world. Also, it gives you all the related news of your local city and helps you to be vigilant.  The newspaper also keeps you updated and certainly improves your knowledge and intellect. This is the reason why I always ask my children to make it a habit. They do read it but as a parent, I just can’t let them read whatever is being published.

Filtration is a must, especially with the kind of content available in the newspaper. Not only that but most of the news is not age- appropriate and we can’t let them have leisure read.

But then how long one can filter daily news and letting a child reads the best knowledge?

A children’s newspaper? How cool this term is? Isn’t it? When you just don’t need to worry about the daily dose of global news with lots of creativity to explore.

Newshuttle is one of those well curated fortnightly newspaper for children between 6-14 years. The aim is to bring news from across the globe, that matters to kids, in their language. News Shuttle is a print media exclusively for young creative minds. The core idea is to engage kids with fun, safe and empowering news, that can help scale their thought process to newer heights.

Other Features:

  • Covering initial growing years- any child who can read can easily understand the newspaper. Otherwise, it caters 6 years to 14 years of age.
  • The newspaper has filtered news (age appropriate) from across the globe. The publication is Bi-Monthly ( once in 15 days)
  • The newspaper magazine has a glossy quality so that kids find it attractive to read.

  •  They also accept children’s contribution to publishing.
  • Covers information about various events across major cities.
  • Includes fun activities to tickle your mind.

You can subscribe to the newspaper:

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