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The Make-Up Mania!

For most of us, Make-up has become essential and a part of the routine. If I recall my life two decades back then applying kajal and lipstick was more than enough. Eyeliners were elite and need expert hands. I started using eyeliner when I was 16 and had a perfect hand how to apply winged eyeliner. Still, I’m and can manage my own make-up in whatever sense I can do. Comparing these decades, then applying make-up has become an art and not everyone has those skills. Test and trial is the best way if you aren’t going under any crash course.

I’m not sure how many of you have read about the science behind women using make-up? Anyway, let me throw some light here. There has been multiple research which claims that women use make-up as camouflage or who wants to look more attractive. The fear, insecurity of not looking perfect could be a driving force pushing them to love of make-up. To cover-up their flaws and feel more confident while you wear make-up. There could be many possibilities why women love make-up. Certainly, make-up is not the criteria to conclude about a person or judging them why they use it. The same logic applies to those who believe in their natural living. They can easily survive on one moisturizer in their entire life span. Personally, I’m known to many who aren’t even comfortable with a lip gloss. But how does it make a difference in a personality, the thought process, the success, education and so on? I don’t believe that anyone who is obsessed with make-up is a way different than the one who doesn’t. Its a matter of their choice. Just like we wear what we like. Isn’t it?

But what I see more is reluctant behaviour. Often, I hear women questioning other women for applying so much of make-up and then there is another lot who always boast about their organic living and surviving on coconut oil. But why do we need so many comparisons when it comes to personal choice? Why do people are so finicky and act weird when nothing is going out of their pocket and the share of happiness they have? How can one be always judgemental about it?

Coming back to me, I’m the one who can survive without makeup and always keep trying my hands on new make-up products. I love applying those blush, lipsticks, liners and whatever I can use perfectly on my face. I feel good whenever I add layers. Not necessarily, that I need a special occasion to flaunt these makeup skills. But it all goes as per my own choice of going with make-up or without makeup. Also, I don’t want to hide my age behind these brushes. And not to impress anyone. No insecurities and never bothered about how others see me as. I do it all for myself and the judgements don’t bother me at all. But I do question about those who are way too judgemental about everything others do. Be it makeup or no makeup. Why can’t we accept them as it is? I do believe that applying make-up is an art and not everyone around can have their expert hands. Similarly, people should stop giving their unsolicited advice to those who don’t even need this and let them do what they feel.

Make-up can feel you better sometimes, a momentary pep up to energise.

Of course, there’s a lot more to a woman’s personality and appeal than about appearance. And it’s a bummer to judge a woman about how they want to look themselves. You need an actual skill, intelligence and experience to stay in the corporate world for the long haul. And nowhere claims that success comes to those who know how to add layers and do perfect make-up for the beautiful appearance. Better we change our perception and bring a positive change!

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