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This Is What I Miss Being A Delhi-Girl!

I am a pakka Dilli wali or Ex- Dilliwali. Born and brought up completely in Delhi, the city of heart.  Well, there are different ways to address Delhi- One can say as the heart of India or a capital city and of course politically dominated city. Whatever you call it as?

There was the time when I was completely etched with the culture, food habits and the dialect. I think someone who has been to Delhi can easily feel the difference in unique style of Dilliwali.

From school until college it was just like complete madness! I enjoyed every bit of those times with my friends and roaming around every nook and corner. Class bunk was just one of those regular things to enjoy nearest Kamla-Nagar market on North campus. The memories are still fresh in my mind even after so many years.  And whenever I visit in that vicinity of university lane,  my heart sinks and it takes me to the flashback. ” The golden era of my life”

How we had never bothered about sunscreen, traveling by local DTC bus and how roaming around with no mobile connectivity and with just few 100 Rs notes in our pockets was a great fun.
Annual festivals, rock shows, jam sessions were the happiest season for all colleges. I must say one of the liveliest weeks. Studies were zeroed during those weeks and every college crowd was nothing lesser than fashion parade. With so many years passed by but the air is still fresh in my mind and I wish if I could travel back those years with same zeal and enthusiasm.A complete madness to taste every famous eatery in any corner of the city and the time when we waited crazily for chacha’s Cholley- Bhatoorey at Kamla  Nagar or famous Bhel puri counter at Miranda house.How my imperfections never bothered me and to most of my friends. We were happy with whatever we had, no show-off, nothing!

Still, I do have the same set of friends and I meet them once in a year whenever I visit Delhi during April-May. This is the only period which I get when the schools in Bengaluru have their summer vacations.
Yes, I am in down south now(Bengaluru) for the last 12 years with my family and with two children. Really time flies but for me those nostalgic college and Delhi memories are still etched with me and will be forever green. How can I forget those Aloo- tikki chat during winters and love for Golgappe and not leaving aside lemon soda? Oh! I miss these here and I know nothing can replace these cravings and I have to travel to Delhi to get all these luxuries.

And what about the charm of Sarojini market, Lajpat Nagar, and not leaving aside Janpath where I had spent many years shopping or just to hang around? That lively patree bazaar which is always trendsetters of fashion and accessories. Oh! I just love it and still, I do bagful of shopping on those roads. Shopping in Delhi is always satisfied or maybe the most unsatisfied because you always wanted to buy as much as you can!

Well, every city has its own merits and change. Of course, these things are difficult to get it here but what I found in the last one decade is the peace, pleasant weather and simplicity. This is something which has made us stick to the city for so many years. And with the time I am more a Bengaluru lover now but on the contrary, I cannot just let go those memories to fade away with time. I do refresh them every year with my college friends who all are still there in Delhi and do miss that college fun that we had.
Ultimately it’s all about how you embrace the new city and the culture around it. Every place has its own set of flaws and challenges but why to look for negative aspects. There was the time when I had a perception that I will never move out of this city but now after so many years, I realized that sometimes when you break your self-made jinx you get the clear picture of those unknown facts which never came into your mind. If I would be in the same place then I could never experience the beauty of this place and the culture.

Now the irony is that my children who are born and brought up in Bengaluru have the same notion that I had for Delhi. For them, Bengaluru is the best and the love for Idli –Dosa and curd rice which is evergreen. They can’t bear extreme weather conditions. In fact, I found it difficult when we visit Delhi, to get them a same taste of Idli- Dosa is rather a daunting task for me.

But anyway apart from taste buds others things are completely manageable and I feel completely OKAY to call me as Ex-Dilliwali and my children as complete Bangalorian!!

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