Alkaline Drinking Water As Another Healthy Option.

Water is life and we can’t imagine our existence without it! Everyone knows it but still, our body is dehydrated, devoid of minerals or we are still contemplating the right way to drink water. Mineral water, Alkaline water is one of those we try hard to get into. But consuming water in itself is an art. Most of the times, we miss it or consume it the wrong way. Effects? Health issues and multiple problems related to deficiency. Later when you realize what went wrong it becomes difficult to cover up. But is it possible to take advantage of our daily water intake to aid a better immune system, and perhaps use water therapy for weight loss?

Do you need reminders for your regular water intake?

It’s difficult, rather challenging to know how right water intake can bring a better you. Certainly, we don’t need reminders or various smartphone applications to drink water. This is something natural and should be consumed in the most subtle way without any complexities!

In today’s time when we are developing at the fastest pace, our health is falling apart. Blame it to the pollution or carbon footprints we leave every day, making our life miserable and loaded with chemicals. Do you think the food we eat and the water we drink is pure even if it comes from numerous filters? It’s difficult to calculate what is pure or organic and what’s harming you. We do have unlimited options but dread to implement. But if a little change in lifestyle can bring positive changes to your body then why not?

In short, what does water do in our body? Or why it is important to have the right intake of water!

Significance of sufficient water intake

As we know, it boosts skin, health and body and flushing out all the toxins. Regulates body temperature, helps to maintain blood pressure, lubricants the joints.  And, 60% of the human body( adult) is water. So, the presence cannot be denied but a deficiency can lead to serious health disease. Staying hydrated irrespective to weather is vital. Drinking plain water is no longer the only requirement of our body. There are multiple ways by which we can make it more effective to our body, health and mind.

And, when we know that our monotonous lifestyle is making us more health conscious we cannot dare to skip the basic necessity of hydrating the right way. Water therapy is not a new term but its like old wine in a new bottle. Like Japanese Water Therapy, Ayurveda water therapy where you’re taught the different ways to drink water which can benefit the most.

Few are:

Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily.

Drink one glass of water 30 min before meal.

Drink only in sitting position.

Drink warm water after getting up in the morning.

Or trying out Alkaline water for better health,.

Alkaline drinking water is one of those, which is negatively charged. An antioxidant, thus reducing cellular and DNA damage  caused by free radicals

Also, Alkaline water which has a higher PH level than the regular water we drink and the components have properties like anti-ageing, colon-cleaning, Immune system support, skin health, weight loss etc. It also helps to neutralize the acid in the bloodstream. So considering various ways of consuming water, Alkaline water is also a healthy option to follow. Choose your part!

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