Indoor Pollution At It’s Best!

We all worry about pollution in our daily lives. Especially the outdoor pollution which is going haywire and the indoor pollution which is mostly ignored or unrecognized. The perception around Indoor pollution is biased. We think its more connected to the rural areas where they can’t afford to have the best technology to avoid it.

On the contrary, even in urban areas, the facts around indoor pollution is yet to be considered deadly. We are much worried about outdoor- the pollution around through vehicles, and other soluble and insoluble sources.

Of course, the filth around us matters and it should be. But we can’t ignore the place where we spent most of our day. Yes, I am talking about Indoor Pollution which is taking a toll on our health and no one is ready to consider it as a factor.

As per the survey which claims Indoor Pollution can be detrimental to health. “The physical, chemical and biological pollutants found in the indoor air often several times higher than outdoors. In a closed chamber, these cause effects ranging from odour, annoyance, and irritation to illness, cancer and even death (Health Canada, 1995). Over the past twenty years, indoor air quality as develop of indoor air pollution has received much attention. Many complaints of health impacts in relation to indoor air pollution arise and the causes of these complaints are often not identified, despite thorough measurements of indoor air in modernized as well as urbanized residential buildings”.
(Source: International Letters of Natural Sciences Online: 2014-04-12 ISSN: 2300-9675, Vol. 13, pp 17-30 doi:10.18052/ © 2014 SciPress Ltd.,)

We strive our best to avoid outdoor pollution. Knowing the fact that most of the time is not in our control. But, we can work-out solution for Indoor pollution which is also claiming lives!
As a mum, I wonder what I should teach my kids. Should sermonize them for a clean environment would help? Or I should set examples to them so that they learn from me and feel the difference.
Well, being a parent is a big responsibility. To nurture them, guide them and to show what is right and wrong. We teach empathy, we also teach not to harm but most of the time we miss to teach them how to take care of the environment.

For me, this is something where I can set examples for others. Also, as a mum, it’s my personal choice which is very important to share this wisdom with my younger lot.
Few things which I‘ve made them do:

Not to add filth on road: How much filth is the road, I make sure that they just don’t add another wrapper to it. Yes, they always keep the waste back in their bags or in the right dustbin.

Segregation of waste: In Bengaluru, one needs to segregate the waste as per dry and wet to save our environment. After all, we want a green future for the next generation.
Proper ventilation and letting the fresh air in is the first thing. At least once a day, make sure you open your windows to allow fresh air

Vacuum cleaning of your house is also important. There are lot of dust/tiny particles which settles in the home & furniture. These are not visible and felt but it does have a negative impact on our health. Those tiny particles later affect our respiratory system. Repeat this cleaning process twice a month.

Promote home gardens in your balcony to promote freshness.

Go natural with your lifestyle.
I am not sure the awareness around paint we choose in our homes. Most of them carry a lot of pollutants which are health hazards. Look out for the healthy version of paint which cleans the healthy air and absolutely safe:

Royal Atmos by Asian Paints
It’s high time when we need to take some initiatives voluntarily and improve our health.
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