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The Art Of Gifting!

Selecting gifts for children is no child’s play! Being a mother of two, I can imagine the war of thoughts which can run into your mind. Even for own children, it’s not an easy task to select a surprise gift. Incomplete information and selecting any random gift from the most demanding brand can sometimes leave you in despair. Chances are high that you might end-up with the last option of gifting a box of chocolates or any soft toy. But will this really solve the purpose? At least, I am one of those miserable people who had never preferred these sugary foods. Don’t get me wrong but with the current lifestyle and the easy reach to unhealthy food gives me jitters. Soft toys can have some excuse as children love it. I am not against gifting chocolates or sweets but why can’t we switch to healthier & creative options?
Gifting is an art, it’s not all about money you spent on buying but the love you show through these. Like a flower, which can do wonders and how expensive gift fails to accelerate the joy. Especially for children, gifts should be memorable and not just another addition. So next time before you get confused, please check out the gifting options to choose from:
Not to mention, add that unconditional love when you gift, you will feel the difference!!
Books are the best friend with no side effects! You can gift it to any one irrespective of gender, color combination or age. Choose the right author as per the age before you finish. Books can never get out-of-fashion. How much we claim to be in the digital world but nothing can replace books. Reading habits helps to stimulate creativity and brain development. One thing for sure: You can never be late in gifting a book!
Board Games:
board games.jpg
Let’s not depend on technology for each task! We need to accept that playing games on smart phones are dangerous and not a value-added task. Recent researches have claimed adverse effects of technology on children. As a parent, we should not look for easy ways to engage them. Playing Chess, Ludo, Building blocks, scrabble etc. enhances logical and reasoning skills. Gift them these mind-boggling games; teach them; Play with them and see the difference how this will help to bond better.
Customized gifts:
Have you ever thought of this? If not then surely you can give a try. Recently, I came across a website which sells customized gifts for children. I am amazed to see the varied list of products which are very useful to any age. Additionally, you can get any name embossed over it which looks so promising with the product. Like Pencil box, Jewelry box, Towel, and the list are endless. I ordered one bath towel and a jewelry box for my two girls. I knew their need and ordered accordingly. They both were super-duper happy to see their names over it and thanked me for the lovely gifts. Assured quality and the alluring designs would surely impress you and especially if you are looking  gifts for girls, give Perfico a try, you would love their collection. The personalization is all Handcrafted, and they complete Orders within 24 Hours.
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