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The Auto Connect: Storytelling And Imagination!

Storytelling is an art and not all carry the knack of telling stories. We have seen our older generation who was well trained and tuned to share the beautiful stories without any professional teaching!
But being a mom means sooner or later you will turn out to be a good storyteller or story listener. Whether you are from commerce background or the one who hates literature to any extent, you will definitely fall into the trap of storytelling for your children. The best part is even fathers are not left behind. Now the time has changed and both partners equally participate in all phases of transformation from baby to child.

If I introspect myself then to some extent I am not a good storyteller for my children. I mean, I can talk abruptly but on the other hand by the time I feel I am energetic to share a story with them I found them dozed off. But anyways I still keep reading their school story books and reminiscing my past with the present. I am a mother of two school going children and stories are one of the significant parts of these formative years. In fact, most of us do really enjoy stories irrespective of any age.  The only difference is the change of characters with the real time and age. Some like fiction and few love the real ones. I am also a big fan of real stories which talks about courage and determination and gives me the impetus to think positive.  On the contrary, my elder child loves to read fiction.

She is a voracious reader and loves to read. One day I ordered some story books for her based on real incidents. Apparently, she didn’t find it interesting and later conveyed that she likes only fiction like James and the giant peach, the chocolate factory, Books of Ruskin bond and a lot more which I really need to read it once again. Memories fade away with time and I am no exception!

As a writer, I must say stories can be made with anything but it’s a different scenario with children and they can weave a story even with a single toy. Often I see my children when they play together, how they have named few toys and weave stories out of those without knowing that someone is silently eavesdropping to their conversation. I really love to do this quite often!

Last week I went to the grocery store and as usual, my younger one was adamant to come with me. She knows that there are lots of things of her choice which she can pick from. I had no option and I took her with me knowing the facts that I have to unnecessarily bill those unwanted things which she will put in the basket. Phew!!

She picked a lot of things ranging from colors to biscuits and ultimately stopped at one point. Her eyes were rolling on Colgate toothpaste’s new pack of magical stories characters.
Finally, I gave in and she happily picked that. Her curiosity was at her peak and soon after we reached back, immediately she had cut those space characters furiously. And then there came one story:

Mumma, see this. I have placed all the characters on the table and recently I learned about solar system so I know most of them. I know Jupiter, Venus, Aliens, spaceship, the sun and suddenly the question came,” Why the Sun is angry here? Why not happy? I had no answers but then I said,” Just because we are cutting so many trees so Sun is getting angry”. For a Mom, it’s rather difficult to answer their inquisitive minds”.
Then the turn came for young boy’s character in a space suit and she herself pretended as HE, who wanted to land on Moon. Again one more line,” Mumma you know you cannot stand still on the moon, you can only fly there, and it would be so adventurous right? I nodded with a smile, and little surprised that she knows these things at the very early age of 5 years.

Later her story took the violent route where the character needs to fight with aliens and then asteroids. Finally, in the climax, she landed on Moon with lots of happiness. She enjoyed her storytelling session and so did I. Really, I realized that imaginations have no boundaries. They start where we elders stop. And Colgate pack of magical stories just gave her a boost to use this!!

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4 thoughts on “The Auto Connect: Storytelling And Imagination!

  1. Congratulations Ekta on your winning ? These days kids are indeed well ahead of their age and know things we didn’t know even when we were ten. Keep fueling her inquisitive mind ?

    1. Thanks a ton Ranjini for your lovely comments​ and dropping by. That’s true this generation is much smarter to understand many things even without teaching!!

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