The Natural Range of Home-Care Products- PUER Products Review

Our lifestyle has changed drastically in recent years. There was a time when we never bothered about fresh air and an eco-friendly environment which were part of our life. Exposure and knowledge were limited and so were the products we used in our daily life. In this race, we are somewhat more vigilant about the products we should use products that can minimise chemical consumption and limit carbon footprints. 

The toiletries, skincare, home products are always loaded with chemicals. Obviously, we can’t change the air we take or the environment we are into but we can surely minimise the chemical intake through the products we use. Trying organic or going natural is the best way to improve our lifestyle hacks which can also help the environment. PUER products are one of the finest blends of natural ingredients and an eco-friendly range of products.

PUER Liquid Detergent:  Washing machines have taken over manual washing and the best way to keep the machinery intact is by using liquid detergents. Liquid detergents have always been an edge over powdered ones for multiple reasons affecting the longevity of machinery. Even the experts suggest using mild, natural liquid detergents which is gentle on clothes while being tough on stains. Chemical loaded detergents might take away all the natural shine of clothes.  PUER liquid detergent can solve all your purpose which has zero harmful chemicals, mighty plant-based formulation, water-efficient and plant-based enzymes for deep stain removal. 

PUER Floor Cleaner: Floor cleaners have become essential in this pandemic. Regular mopping with the anti-bacterial solution has become a mundane task. Even though who had used it occasionally have made this every day’s affair. But most of the floor cleaner solutions have loads of chemicals to kill the germs which are indirectly being released into the air we breathe. Natural floor cleaners have a safer usage which can balance cleaning and environmentally friendly task. I’ve seen many who are allergic to the strong smell of floor cleaners but Puer Floor Cleaner smells pleasant, kills 99.99% of germs, quick-drying, and fights stains.

PUER natural products

PUER All-Purpose Cleaner: We often use different cleaners for the kitchen and living room. It could be due to the different surfaces of porous and non-porous or the kind of stains we get. Like, kitchen cleaners are mostly stronger than glass cleaners considering the kind of stains it cleans. PUER all-purpose cleaner is all in one, natural, non-toxic, cleans the toughest stains gently. This product doesn’t have chemicals like bleach, ammonia, silicon compounds that make it more natural. At least I don’t need to buy two different cleaners.

PUER Fabric conditioner: Fabric conditioners are used to make your fabric smooth and fresh. Every cloth needs some conditioner while washing so that it doesn’t turn harsh and rough post drying. Secondly not every detergent smell good on clothes. Here, fabric conditioners play a role and are best for woollens, as it ensures that the woollens stay softer and in shape. Long-lasting fragrance in the clothes washed in this fabric conditioner is an added advantage. Use this natural fabric conditioner after wash to get that shine back in the garment. I’ve used this product and found it worth using for making it soft with a good fragrance.

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