Sailing Through Covid-This Is My Story

If you’re the one who is still saved from Covid then assume yourself lucky. Honestly, never in my dreams, I had ever imagined 2021 as deadly as ever before. So many infections, serious patients, mayhem everywhere. Everyone is panicked. Difficult to see the pain everyone is going through and finding yourself helpless. At this time if someone is managing their life within four walls then this is a luxury and one should be thankful to God for these things.

Till thirteen days back we had the same life. No interaction from the outside world. Staying at home. Ordering groceries or sometimes going out to buy essentials. For the last one year, we had never stepped out without a mask. The way it should be worn. Never attended any parties, get together. So when covid entered in our home, we couldn’t trace. It might be some suspended particle in the air and a single mask couldn’t protect it. Anyway!

My husband developed a mild fever. We didn’t delay and got it tested after 2 days. He was positive. By the time he had already isolated himself. Assuming that it could be a normal fever in the Pandemic is something one should never fall for. Early testing and early treatment is the best thing one can do. The more you stay in denial mode means you’re making it worst. On the contrary, as a family, we never practised those steaming and hot water tricks. Hello, this is a deadly virus and not a common cold. You need a Doc when it enters in you and not a gargle.

We immediately consulted Doctor and he prescribed some basic medicines and asked us to monitor for the first 4 days. Checking fever and oxygen level is the key. Also, he told if you’re not getting worse in three days means you’re getting better. The first and foremost thing one should do is stop following all those whats app forwards, and all those advice which might disturb you and create unnecessary panic. I do got so many calls with all the worst scenario recommendations but never paid heed. We did our way!


What if I would be doing all those things others have recommended without knowing the patient’s actual state? What if I would have given all sorts of medicine, steaming, Kaadas without having known if he really needs that?As such doctor didn’t advise anything of this sort and I strongly believe that once the virus enters in your system don’t self-medicate. Just DONT!

With the same mindset, we followed all the Corona protocols and he recovered in a week’s time. A healthy diet. Add eggs to your diet, Lot of liquid, Coconut water and a regular conversation with the patient(at a distance) or on a video call. The patient should feel lively at times and not someone who should be totally isolated from others. For a family getting an infection is inevitable. So I also got myself tested and found positive. But I had mild symptoms and didnt find much difficulty in any form. Today is the 13th day for us. From the day when we suspected covid and counting our blessing for a normal life again. And charging ourselves little more.

Also, I realised Corona is also a mind game. The moment you show panic, it reacts with double force and vice versa. Please understand that getting under influence of others is easy but you should know what is right for you and how you can do it. Focus on Doc and Patient. That’s it. Not everyone needs steroids and antibiotics to recover. And popping unlimited multivitamins without knowing if you’re really deficit or not will not do any good.

The Best Advice on Corona is- There is no Advice. Consult your Doctor. He knows best!!

Disclaimer: I know there are many who have lost their near and dear ones but this post is for those who are on threshold of catching covid or are panicked. Eat well. Sleep well, No stress and Keep in touch with Doc!

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