Being A Woman

When I found Mr Right In Mr Wrong!

No girl will marry you”, well this is one of those statements which I used to comment on my husband before marriage. And the best part is I am that No- girl. A quite contradictory right?HA!

To begin with the story I need to go back to the flashback somewhere in the year 2001. I was perusing my professional studies and during that time when my elder sister’s marriage got fixed. Typical arrange marriage!

As we all know, in India, marriage is not all about two people but more of families who bind themselves with love and commitment. That was the first time when I got introduced to my would be Brother in law’s younger brother (My husband now).  I know after this information, the immediate scene which could run in your background memory is the movie starring Madhuri Dixit and Salman Khan or Didi Tera Devar deewana song?

But it was like any other meeting and certainly, was never love at first sight!

Slowly after my sister’s marriage, we had lots of frequent meeting due to some or another function or get together in a family. Going to Movie and shopping was common as good friends. I was a little expert in the shopping, still, I am, so to help him what he should buy or not I used to accompany him. He was working with IT company and four years elder to me. We were good friends and used to discuss most of our things but I never had that notion that he is a marriage material for me. Maybe I had different dreams for Mr. Right or me being an extrovert or he being an introvert!

Things were moving at its own pace and one day, he proposed me for marriage. I was little shocked because I didn’t expect this move from his end but anyways I just told him to give me some time to think.

I was confused!

In fact, there was one aunt who was well known to both of us and who knew about our relationship. She just recommended me, what’s wrong in him? At least he is from the same caste, known to family, earns too, what else you want? Though my family was very much broad minded and never had any issue with love marriage or with different caste.

I was perplexed with my own turbulence of thoughts. What to do, is he really a one I am looking at? That time it was almost four years since we met the first time and to be very honest I did find the comfort with him and being honest on every part. Few habits which I never liked in him could always be changed. And after all, no one is perfect!

So finally with so many Ifs and Buts,I said yes, and agreed that nothing could be better than us.

I also realized that there is no Mr. Right or Mrs. Right. Everyone has their own set of flaws and we can always change for each other to be Mr. Right or Mrs. Right. Too many expectations sometimes leave you confused. A bond of marriage is more of trust, respect, and commitment and not leaving aside love. It has nothing to do with monetary or financial terms or certain ten on ten perfections.

On the contrary,I won’t say that financial stability is not required but if you are well educated and capable then you can together always make your own empire. I know when we got married we were hardly earning much but with togetherness, hard work we are happy and satisfied with 11 years of married life and with all we have. I won’t say we are the billionaire now but we have all basic and little luxuries that we can afford with a family of four and yearn for more happiness in coming future which is not monetary.


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