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30 Herbs Hair Oil And Secrets for Good Hair Health

Who doesn’t want good hair and skin? Everyone around is trying hard to get the best of their health with shining skin and lustrous hair. And how much we claim of those chemicals’ laden products, the old-age wisdom of hair oil hasn’t faded yet and still benefitting millions across. The never-ending list of home remedies and which is the best hair oil to keep your hair health healthy won’t disappoint you until you try and see the effects. Also, it’s highly impossible that every random ayurvedic hair oil trick can work wonders for everyone. As in everyone is different and so the usage, trials might differ too. But on average, every new way of improving hair health might need some time from 3-6 months at least to see the results. Above this, the other factors cannot be denied completely which can indirectly affect you in the shorter and longer-term. But it’s not as easy as it seems to me. Most people think that having good hair and skin is hereditary or take it as a God’s gift while the fact remains the same that this won’t be going long if ignored!

What Causes Bad Hair health?

The sedentary lifestyle and increasing stress are the main constraints. Ultimately at every age, everyone needs healthy hair care other than using fancy products. What you eat and how you live is also a major factor affecting it. The basic necessity to improve texture, quality and volume would always be on everyone’s priority list. Also, good hair over everything can actually change your entire look. And you don’t need that fancy haircut or accessories to make it better. Once you work deep to improve its texture you just don’t need any other expense to bring it forth.

Personally, I have a good hair care routine for decades and at this age (forty plus) can flaunt my tresses. Also, I keep it a minimum when it comes to any chemical usage or using every new shampoo or conditioner. 

So, here are the tested tips:

Say No Chemicals: Changing fashion and changing hair color work like a synonym. Every month many of us change hair color to look good or to cover greys. There is nothing wrong with it and everyone has the right to do whatever they want to do with their hair but too much chemical application can ruin the texture in the longer term. If you can avoid its good else use something which has fewer chemicals. Going natural is the best way. In my twenties I got my hair colored but realized it has ruined the natural shine then later I completely stopped using it. I’m a henna person and have been doing since years together.

Eat well: There is a saying, your hair and skin reflect what you eat! This holds to some extent and how a balanced diet can complement each deficiency. Hair growth needs extra protein and if you lack that in your diet then it might affect it. Proper sleep and managing stress can make you better, helping a good hair health

Use Mild Shampoo: The market is flooded with shampoos of all kind. You search your type and get it. In my opinion, shampoos are external factors to clean the scalp and stickiness and too much chemical loaded shampoo can leave your scalp dry or itchy. Trying organic shampoo or anything with lesser or no chemicals or paraben-free can help you better. Believe me there is no such rule of investing in expensive shampoos to add good hair care. And you can manage your hair with basic things available in your proximity.

Regular Oiling: The most important part of my hair care is oiling. This is something I can never miss in routine. I oil my hair twice a week and leave it overnight to have better results. The short-term oiling doesn’t work more until you leave it for 6-8 hours and letting it work deeply into your scalp. This is the actual nutrition you can always add to your lifestyle.

Avoid oiling your hair during the daytime as it can absorb dirt and exposing to pollutants to the scalp. Try using Ayurvedic oils rather than fancy ones. Ayurvedic oils not only improves hair heath but a good massage also reduces your stress daily. A good hot hair massage penetrated deep into your scalp and improves all the related issues you have. Among various products, in the market or if you make any DIY hair oil. Also, you can try 30 Herbs Hair Oil from Mothers Sparsh you’ll surely see the difference in few weeks.

How 30 Herbs Hair Oil can improve your hair health?

30 Herbs Hair Oil By Mothers Sparsh

Chemical Free:This oil is a herbal,enriched with authentic ayurvedic formulation, free from chemicals (SLS, Sulphates, Paraben, Silico) and specially formulated for better hair health. 

Fights Alopecia: One of the main components Jatamansi helps to combat hair loss due to Alopecia and other scalp issues. Also, this 30Herbs hair oil claims to revive hair health, stimulating blood flow (when you massage it on regular basis). 

Helps improve common issues: It also helps to build follicular strength which generic hair issues like dandruff, hair fall, split ends which are quite commonly seen. This oil also helps to regain hydrating hair with essential moisture and required nutrition which can be used on any types of dyed hair.

Consistency is a must: Using hair oil on regular basis not only protects your hair health but also a way you can de-stress yourself. This is one of the easiest and handy methods which has been prevalent in families. Massaging your head or hair improves your overall health as you’re ultimately reducing your daily stress. So, one shouldn’t fall for those pieces of advice which stop you from following this until a genuine medical reason!

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