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Are You Enough Supportive To New Moms?

The word Mom comes with so many responsibilities. The moment you plan to bring the new life you are automatically tuned to more responsible. I am a mother and I know how what it takes to deliver a child and the early days of motherhood which are most challenging. Not a rosy picture at least!

The general conception around that birthing a baby is a natural process like we had in the past. And still, most of the people think there is nothing new about it. But Pregnancy, delivery and the early days of motherhood are the days when newborn and the mom needs most of the care. In the recent years, things have changed drastically, the technology and the advanced medical services have made them easy but nothing can replace the support system a new mother should get when she delivers and steps into the motherhood.

Out of many, few things need to be taken care not only by to-be moms or new moms but everyone who is close to them. They need a lot of support emotionally and physically and in every possible way, they can get. They should be made happy and not stressful especially during these phases of their life. A happy mom can fight better with early motherhood blues.


  1. Balance Diet: A woman might be preparing the variety of dishes to pamper other family members but one shouldn’t ignore her own personal preferences as well. She needs a healthy diet which should be well-balanced. Any deficiency in the diet can affect the pregnancy and the new mom. There are a lot of myths associated -what a pregnant woman or new mum shouldn’t eat, and why these need to be discarded at Eat a healthy and balanced diet. Avoid junk food until you have a craving for it; can eat little.


  1. Share the load: Pregnancy brings a lot of physical and emotional change in a woman. Also, women are mostly overburdened with duties and responsibilities  Whether you are a homemaker or working women there is no end to work.  Please share the load, (not limited to pregnancy). Helping her is the in daily chore can make her little more stressed. A happy pregnancy is most important as it ultimately affects the baby inside.


  1. Helping her while she breastfeeds: Most of the people think that breastfeeding is exclusively mothers work and one cannot contribute in any way. This is the biggest myth one can have. A woman’s body goes with so many changes post delivery. She needs to get that strength back to feed the baby and to come back as normal.

A mother can breastfeed her baby as soon as she delivers. If the mother is tired, please help her to make the baby feed in the right way and to make the mother more comfortable. Don’t impose unwanted restrictions on her due to social barriers. The first milk of mother which is known as colostrum( yellowish in colour) is very beneficial for the baby. It a is rich in antibodies which has anti-infective action.  Lactoferrin, Casein, Oligosaccharides and cytokines are anti-inflammatory and immunity building.

Foremilk: which starts after colostrum(after 3 days of delivery) Is rich in carbohydrate, fat, protein, growth factors, enzymes and nucleotides.


  1. Encourage the mother to breastfeed– A baby should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months and can be continued as long as you can. There is no harm in feeding the baby and others should never judge her on the decision for prolonged breastfeeding. It’s a myth that until you are breastfeeding a child, he/she won’t accept other food. While it can be made to routine after 6 months when a baby is put to solids.


  1. Benefits of breastfeeding to Moms: Apart from better bonding, It enhances weight loss post delivery. Reduces the chances of breast cancer, ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer. Breastfeeding also reduces the severity of diabetics, rheumatoid arthritis.


  1. Benefits of Breastfeeding to Baby: Mothers milk is the best nutrition for the baby and nothing can compensate for It helps the possibilities to catch the acute infection, childhood obesity and a better medical health throughout childhood and adolescence. And the best part is that it helps to improve the cognitive development of the baby to have better IQ.


  1. Shun the myths: The first milk shouldn’t be given to the baby. Breastfeeding baby cries more due to insufficient milk. Baby needs water apart from breastmilk. Mother has to stop breastfeeding if she conceives. Mother cannot feed while she is sick. Please don’t fall trap into these popular myths. You are the mother and you know the best for your Baby!


Taking care of new mums is a social responsibility and being supportive of her is the best one can do!

Celebrating Worlds Breastfeeding week (August1-7, 2018)with Apollo Cradle 


Medical Insight is given by:

Dr Aparna Jha, Gynaecologist (Apollo Cradle)

Dr Srividya, Nutritionist and lactation expert (Apollo Cradle).

Dr Mohanieshwari, physiotherapist, Childbirth educator & lactation consultant(Apollo Cradle).


Image from the event being organised by Apollo Cradle during worlds breastfeeding week(Aug1-7):


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