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Even You Can Be A Real-Time Commandos!

Every day you hear shocking and shameful news of assault, rape, violence against women. Your blood boils for a moment and an immediate thought -we have no control over it, cant do much. But imagine the plight of the victim and her sufferings without her fault.  Needless to say, not only physical but its an attack on her psyche and emotional well-being!

Then should we assume that we just cant control these things to happen and the limited security force cannot exist at every point? Blaming the poor upbringing is right to some extent, still, we can’t do much about it.  Questioning the government is right as the safety of women underlies with them but what about our own responsibility to self? If you are determined to fight back irrespective of your physique or strength then you are the winner, no matter what. Because women are not the weaker section of the society, better we accept it!

Secondly, the general conception that nothing can happen to us as we don’t travel at night, we are safe; or we always travel in a group, we are safe; or we work or study in a much safest environment, nothing can happen to us. It’s quite normal. How many of us have gone through any physical training to fight back in case of emergency? Because we don’t feel the need, but we shouldn’t ignore it too. An emergency will never knock your door first before entering. It can, at any time of your entire life.

There have been instances where a single woman fought back with the attackers. A presence of mind and few tricks which could save you from an impending incident. Be it a cab driver, a gate keeper, cook it could be anyone and you just cant trust anyone.

But how to get your presence when you have not trained in any such program in your entire life? Having said that, you shouldn’t be a fitness freak or a gold medalist in Taekwondo. What you just need an insight on how you can manage in case of any such emergencies. And this is how you can get it: –

WOMCOM training programs are empowering women to deal with such situations when their presence of mind and courage can only help them. They are Building Real-time women commandos to combat real life situations – which was launched on the 4th of August 2018.

What can they help you?

  1. Uncomfortable incidents/situations that women face daily. What should be done and how to handle oneself in such situations.

2. Situation based drills – while travelling using public transport (bus, cab, train) or commuting             late at night.

  • Handling such situations with tact and presence of mind.
  • Learning to lead one’s life without guilt or regret, especially post such incidents.
  1. Domestic Violence:
  • Effective and practical ways to handle oneself.
  • What should and can be done.
  1. General Fitness Drills:
  • Breathing techniques and physical exercises to keep oneself fit and healthy.
  • Awareness and understanding of the female and male body; soft spots & strength areas.
  1. Eating right: Healthy eating, making a lifestyle change and feeling good in the process.
  2. Confidence Building:
  • Body Language
  • To be responsive rather than reactive
  • The power of the mind; positive thinking
  1. Safety Tips: General awareness on safety – Behavior, Attitude, Presence of mind etc.
  2. Growth:
  • Belief in & Appreciation of self
  • Proactive Behaviour
  • Giving Priority to self
WOMCOMS: A social innitiative by The Health Of Women Forum, “Building real time women commandos to combat real life situations” :
Join the movement by becoming a member of Facebook community: https://m.facebookcom/groups/thehowforum/


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