How To Do A Proper Skincare Routine And Avoid Rookie Mistakes

As we say, our skin reflects our body and the type of care we do for ourselves. In earlier times when Ponds and boroline have ruled the skincare routine, we couldn’t ignore the best lifestyle they had. And not denying the fact how most people believe that a good DNA can save you from the natural skincare routine, and you can assure yourself without any fuss. While the reality is entirely different, and only DNA doesn’t help in the long run. However, it does require a lot of maintenance, skincare regime regularly. Moreover, a good lifestyle can help you shine naturally and the proper knowledge to have a better skincare routine per your need and skin type.

It’s a fact; not everyone knows about their skin types which is a farce. If you want to work on skincare, it’s imperative to know the actual need of your skin and the category you fall into. Your skin could be dry, sensitive or oily. Or, in some cases, mixed where you might have oily skin in T-zone or forehead. Considering every human being is different, all cannot have the same skin treatment. Just like not everyone can apply ponds moisturising cream as a regime. And one particular product can and cannot work on a specific type of skin.  So, one has to be very careful while you choose skincare products with so many expectations!

The utmost precaution is choosing as per your need. For example, do you need a product with many chemicals, or do you need a product that should fix the problem? For example, a simple moisturiser like Ponds can very much work on dry skin. Or you’re someone who might need extra layers of moisturiser in winters to hydrate skin. While the oily skin also needs moisturiser, which might require a different type of skincare product.

Secondly, one should know that any skincare regime you follow or change takes time to show the results. There is no shortcut to the best skincare. You might need a minimum of 4 weeks to 12 weeks to see the difference. Secondly, skin isn’t only about the outer layer, but it profoundly connects with lifestyle habits. Good sleep, a healthy diet and managing work stress are other keys to having healthy skin. So, depending only on products won’t give you long-lasting effects. Eat well, hydrate yourself so that your skin shines naturally. Even essential moisturising creams like Ponds can help you hydrate your normal skin, making it soft and supple.

The third mistake which most people make is falling for the most expensive products. There is no logic behind that spending more would give you promising results, as I see many still using kitchen ingredients to have healthy skin. Indeed, this doesn’t mean that one should stop using brands and skincare products. Still, one needs to be extra vigilant while taking any advice or watching any youtube for reference. Not necessarily that every product or ingredient has changed the skincare of others can equally be beneficial to you.

So, ultimately choosing good skincare is all about knowing your skin type and then acting on it. And every skin needs moisturizer in every season. Hydration is important. Ponds moisturizer can be used in all seasons, which can help you with skin damage by drying out.  As we know, hydration is important both inside and outside, even by following some basic routines like washing your face with cold water, sleeping with clear skin with a layer of moisturizer to repair.

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