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Top 5 Most Loved Under Budget Face Wash India 2021

Skincare isn’t always about extra care needed in growing years but it has to be done at every age. From choosing the right face wash, a face cleanser, natural products or choosing the best way to clean the face, things keep changing every year. Every person has their way to manage their skincare routine. Few are blessed to have acne free shining, which doesn’t need extreme care while many struggles to get the best out of it. If you’re looking for a piece of advice to have better skin then there is no dearth of claims people make out of their habits.

How do you wash your face is the first thing which should be considered the first step towards skincare?

Do you use hot water to wash your face?

Do you wash your face frequently? You don’t wash your face before sleep? What all ingredients you use in your face wash?

Are you sure you aren’t allergic to the product you’ve been using?

Multiple questions arise on a very basic regime we all have been following earnestly. But how many of us believe if they are doing it right?

If you ask me, I wash my face with cold water or the normal running tap water and only twice a day. One in the morning and one before sleep. In between, if I’m washing my face then it’s only with water. Too much face wash can strip off your natural oils. Just like too much shampooing does to your hair. Also, claiming skincare is only about external skin then it would be fake. It’s more about overall health. What you eat, sleep time, stress level and hormonal imbalances (if any) reflect on your skin. And skincare is one of those pointers to take care of!

I don’t like using too much makeup on my skin. I let it breathe with a good layer of moisturizer. But if your skin is not cleaned properly then moisturizer might absorb more impurities rather the real work. Ingredients do matter. You should know what you’re using and can’t be turned blind to it. Here I’m listing the top 5 face wash for dry skin I’ve used and found out worth using:

Himalaya Neem Face Wash

Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash

MRP-Rs 195 for 150 ml

Neem has always been accepted as antibacterial, antiviral and germicidal properties. This product is a combination of turmeric and Neem, helping control acne, pimples along with skin-soothing properties. I found it skin-friendly and never developed any issues with regular usage. It can be used by any adult or teenager to reduce acne and other allergies which keep reoccurring. Also, you wont find any fancy fragrance in this product.

Mothers Sparsh Face Wash

Mother Sparsh Plant Powdered Ultra Rich Face Wash

MRP-262 for 100ml

This is a plant powdered ultra-rich product with components like Vanilla oil, Tejpatra oil, Earth marine water to add more hydration to the skin. Mother’s Sparsh has done a lot of research on the plant-based product and has claimed that the use of essential oils has proved as a better skincare regime. The product claims to be natural, with a lot of minerals and vitamins and proved to be vital for intense hydration and nourishment to the skin. This face wash only clears your skin but also helps to accelerate the skin-turnover process to make it more radiating. And the hydration-based cleanser also helps you to retain the essential moisture in your skin. And, yes, it’s suitable for all skin types. Personally, I liked the fragrance and just require a pea-size quantity to wash my face. The product is worth using, leaving skin moisturized after usage.

Khadi India Tea Tree Face Wash

MRP-275 for 100ml

Khadi Natural Herbal Tea tree Face wash

Tea tree is another skin-soothing element with a strong fragrance. I love the Tea-Tree smell and it always gives a feel of freshness. Nerve-soothing. This product is SLS and Paraben free and excellent for those who have sensitive skin. Also, you need a very little amount of it for washing your face and the bottle lasts for a longer time. So, even if you find this on the higher range, don’t worry it serves the purpose.

Clean & Clear Face Wash

Clean & Clear Face wash

MRP-130 for 100ml

This brand is quite famous in teenagers who often face a lot of hormonal changes and related skin problems. I’ve used it too and loved the product. The bottle is quite handy and travel friendly. Different fragrances add to it for all types of choices one can have. Clean & Clear foaming face wash is specially focused for young skin, gentle for everyday use and also prevent pimples by removing excess oil. My children love this face wash and keep buying different fragrance all the time. You can also buy the smallest bottle to keep it handy whenever you step out of the house.

Neutrogena Face Wash

Neutrogena Face Wash

MRP-285 for 100gm

In recent years, Neutrogena has carved a niche for its products. With limited marketing and advertisement, they are able to sustain well in the market.  Even though they have a limited range but all the products are dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores) and oil-free for every user. We as a family have used this for years and still, I buy this quite often. It’s best for dry to normal skin and cleans well with a little product. Neutrogena face wash is again a go-go product for everyone who doesn’t want to take chance with all the possible face wash available in the market. That much trust the product has earned!

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